Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok so I realize the expected first blog after vacation would be about the dreaded plane ride and the eclectic family reunion.  Normally you would be right, BUT today we hit a major milestone in our household.  It was met with singing, yelling, dancing and laughter.  Was it another pregnancy?  Heck no.  Was it a new pet?  Nope.  Was it potty training?  Yeah right.  No, it was a magical moment I've been waiting for since Cora was born...

Let me just back up for a moment by saying Cora has been going through a major cranky spell.  She got a cold and is getting all 4 canine teeth at one time.  That can make for a pretty cranky baby.  I mean really cranky.  A lot.  A lot a lot. More than you think a lot.  For instance if you so much as look in her direction and she doesn't like it that is major cause for what is commonly known as a hissy fit.  Anytime she wanted anything she would simply point and/or scream.  A co-worker and I were discussing this phenomenon and he said that his son, at this age, went through a six-month phase where he would get himself worked up into a tantrum every time they went to McDonald's.  His son wanted ... something.  But they had no idea what.  Not until, after extended trial and error, did they figure out that what he had wanted for so long that had until then remained nameless, was orange soda.

Today however her cough has lessened significantly, and all but one of the four teeth has broken through her gums and is well on its way to being a contributing member of her mouth.  I came home to find a pretty funny, happy baby who was content to play with us and on her own some.  She's also been on a word bender - we've been learning at least one new word a day.  We now have added words like:  bunny, football, pretty and jewelry to our repertoire.  (We're still working on Love You.  Right now it comes out with the right inflection but sounds more like Daaaa Dooooo).  

So today at dinner, after she had finished with her chicken and was playing "lets see how much fruit juice I can get everywhere by trying to trill my r's with cantaloupe in my mouth", mommy decided I needed dessert.  I grabbed an english toffee Weight Watchers ice cream bar and sat back down next to the little one.  She instantly signaled her desire to try it - which consists of her grabbing for it, opening her mouth like a baby bird, and saying "ah ah ah".  I gave her a lick and once chocolate and vanilla hit her tongue, her eyes lit up.  She reached again repeating her prior behavior.  More out of habit than any expectation I told her "can you say Please".  To my complete and utter shock I heard a little voice say "Peeeeese".  I was stunned.  Perhaps that was a fluke.  We tried again on the next lick - she grabbed for the ice cream and I asked "what do we say".  I got a very distinct "Peeeeease".  HALLELUJAH!  

Needless to say she ended up consuming almost the entire ice cream bar because who am I to refuse such ladylike and appropriate requests??   It was actually a win/win for everyone - she got her ice cream, I got a great diet plan, and we all got something we've been trying to get for many many months.  Of course this has huge potential for abuse, and I'm sure the first time we don't get our way with a Peeeease it will be set aside for a while, but for tonight I choose to bask in the glow of success.  And in the knowledge that after she goes to bed I have another ice cream bar in the freezer....