Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Shoe of the Week: Friday

Ok, so for all the flak I've been getting about skyscraper heels, and for my spending habits, I now present to you, my final shoe of the day:

Target's Xhiliration "Saniya" Black Patent Pointy Toe Flats:

Flat shoes, rubber flex-sole, and on CLEARANCE for $6.98.  So there!   I do love the rubber flex soles, but right now my heels are not loving the inevitable blisters that are headed their way.... bummer.

I also realized today that I am in one of my "head-to-toe" Target modes.  In honor of the Bulls-eye Boutique, and my loyalty thereto, here is the rest of my ensemble:

Merona Deep Wash Jeans with No Gap Waistband:

Mossimo Studded Black Racerback Tank:

With Mossimo's Black Layering Cardigan overtop:

And yes, even my underthings are Target-bought however I will spare you (and my mother's feelings) and just leave it at that.

So my week of shoes is at its end.  A little sad, yes, but at least I get to keep the spoils of my adventure and wear them again and again.  Ok some more than others.....  next on the review "to do" list?  Dr. Scholl's gel insert for heels.  Hey if that chick from What Not To Wear hawks them they have to be great right?  We'll see!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Shoe of the Day

Ok so finding a photo of this one was tough.  Its no longer up at Zappos and google was no help!  So you'll have to use a bit of imagination.  I found a photo of the shoe in black, but I have it in "natural calf".  The only photo I could find of that was microscopic.  *sigh*

Overall the shoes look wonderful, somehow classy and casual all at once.  But they need to stretch a little - my toes feel cramped and my feet feel smooshed.  I know this is a good thing for a new leather strappy shoe - it means once it breaks in it will still fit - but for now I'm happy today is a "desk" day.

Michael Kors' KORS "Fair" in Natural Shiny Calf:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Week - Wednesday's Shoe

As promised here is today's shoe, which oddly enough is the cheapest of all my new heels and by far the most comfortable of the past three!

Penthouse's "Rose" Peep Toe Platform Pump in White/Black Patent:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Ok so yesterday was my first day back from Mat leave.  Apart from the fact that the baby - who had been a good sleeper with only one night waking around 2am lately - decided it was party time about four times Sunday night, I was still ready to roll come Monday morning.

When I was in high school I would mark the return to school in the fall with the purchase of five new outfits. One for each day of that crucial first week.  (Bless my mother's heart)  It was a way to shrug off the summer buzz and get into school vibe.  Plus it was always about making a great re-impression after being gone those long summer weeks.

In honor of that tradition, I decided to purchase one new pair of shoes for each day of my week's return back to work.  So far, Monday's shoes were not good.  Adorable, but painful and kept slipping off my heel requiring me to walk around like a deranged duck.  Today's shoes are only slightly better which is disappointing considering they are my first L.A.M.B purchase - long overdue - and one would think that Gwen would know better than to go skimpy with cushioning for the balls of the feet in 4" heels.  Shame on you Gwenny.   But they look great and are only mildy uncomfortable so they stay.

Here are this week's selections so far, and I will continue to post each day what I'm rockin on the paws.

Monday's - Not Rated's "Cover Look" in navy polka dot:

Tuesday's - L.A.M.B's Tansy in Grey (more of a weird grey-brown but I love that about them):

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more comfort!