Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I Want Before I Die

While there are many, here are currently 10 things I want to have before I die hat I currently do not possess....

1) Judith Leiber Crystal Clutch (in some great whimsical shape)  Like this one; Or this oneOr this one,!

2) Shoes that cost over $500 and look great on me.  For instance, these.  Or these.  Or maybe these.

3) One pair of really great expensive jeans (a la True Religion, Rich & Skinny, etc)

4) A staple pair of flower diamond earrings (don't ask - I just need them) to be worn at all times.  These would work.  Or these.

5) An almost-gaudy diamond necklace.  Like this one.  Ok maybe this one is a tad too much.  Maybe not.

6) Either an old two-tone pickup truck in decent condition.  This one would work.  I like this one too.  Or an International Scout.  Like this one!  

7) A Ridley motorcycle.  This one please.  But perhaps more in this color scheme.

8) A photo session with Annie Leibovitz with makeup/hair/fashion done by the best of the best.

9) A classic Chanel suit.  Something like this.  Or this.

10) Something with blue or green diamonds in it - all the better if its antique Tiffany jewelry.  This is quite frugal really.   This is not.

So there you go.  Will I ever have any of them?  Likely not.  And if I could afford them, would I really spend the money on it?  Again - likely not.  But its still nice to have the list... just in case!