Monday, November 22, 2010

For the Birds

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching the gravity of my situation is hitting me.  What situation is that?  Well, two weeks shy of my 37th birthday I will be - for the first time - hosting Thanksgiving and preparing my first Turkey.  EEEEKS!

Of course, a month ago while planning I thought of all the wonderful things I would cook.  I would brine the Turkey via a 4-day process following Alton Brown's recipe.  I would make my grandmother's buttermilk rolls from scratch.  I would make maple glazed carrots with orange zest - a great new recipe I'd found.  I would make my famous sweet potato bake.  And I would  make Ree's (Pioneer Woman) pumpkin caramel gingersnap cheesecake.  My mom would be preparing and bringing  the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie.  What a delightful menu!

However now that we're three days out many things have become very clear to me: 
  • I am not Alton Brown.  I don't even know what a whole allspice berry is and do not regularly use the word "truss" in everyday conversation.
  • I have never made a cheesecake in my life and my poor Kitchenaid is so dusty it may rebel against being asked to function
  • I have one oven.  One.  Turkeys take approximately 47 hours to cook.  How then will I be cooking a cheesecake for over an hour, rolls for 20 minutes, and sweet potato bake for 45 minutes - all at different temperatures - and have them all come out perfect just in time for dinner.  Did I mention no warming drawer?
  • I am insane.
So now that we have all that covered I'm forced to reevaluate.  Do I push forward and "go big or go home" for my veritable Thanksgiving debutante ball?  Or do I play it safe, take it down a notch (ok ten notches) and make sure I have at least something palatable to serve?  Well, I've never been much of a "play it safe" girl when it comes to the kitchen so I think I'll forge ahead.  (But I may have a precooked turkey breast tucked in the back of the fridge for emergency purposes!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shellac & Axxium - Test Drive

When my friend Sarah sent me a text asking if I'd heard about the "CND manicure" I just thought "Urgh - no thanks.  No wasting my money on manicures that last about 1-2 days in mommy land."  While I love the pampering of a mani, I get so disappointed when, after shelling out $30, my polish chips the next day or, if I'm lucky, the day after.  For that reason alone I almost never polish my nails.  There is no polish that can stand up to baby baths, washing bottles, washing diapers, fixing dinner, washing dishes, etc etc day after day.  Or, excuse, me.. there wasn't.  Now, there is!

Enter CND's Shellac system and perhaps slightly more well known OPI's Axxium system.  After looking into this "CND manicure" I became more and more intrigued.  It claims to be a manicure that lasts  "14+" days.  *insert jaw drop here*  I was VERY skeptical.   I was guessing it didn't really last 14 days.  Or, if it did, it would be a major ordeal to remove including damaging the nail bed.  The more I read on CND's website, ( I noted they claim minimal removal time and NO damage to the nail.  Did I mention the ZERO dry time (no trying to fish for your keys like a wingless chicken after the mani).

While looking into CND (and doing my regular neurotic research) I came across a few other "14 day" manicures.  The most popular being by polish pro OPI.  They call theirs the "Axxium" system.   In my reviews it seemed that Axxium was slightly more "durable" (i.e. you can actually paint OVER the color you got at the salon, and then remove it with nailpolish remover to see the original polish) however the down side was that reports said it took quite a bit more to remove (more time and more "doin'") and after repeated use might damage the natural nail.

In the name of fair research, my friend Sarah got the Axxium and I got the Shellac (what we won't do for the sake of science).  Below are photos of our progress and the eventual "re-do".   After the photos I'll give you the "low down" on what we both thought! [Note:  I don't have the first few days of Axxium - I pulled Sarah into my scheme a little late in the game, but you'll still get a complete picture of the durability)]

Day One, Shellac

Day Three, Shellac

Day Five, Axxium

Day Six, Shellac

Day Eight, Axxium

Day Nine, Axxium:  Post Pumpkin Carving

Day Ten, Shellac: Note Grow-out

Day Eleven, Axxium

Day Thirteen, Shellac

Day Fifteen, Axxium

Day Fifteen, Shellac (Yikes Grow-out!)

Wow.  Let me again say it:  WOW!   I was (and am) totally converted.  These manicures both did truly live up to exactly what they promised.  They were mirror shiny and "no chip new" the entire time until we both had them re-done.  They also are really and honestly dry the minute your top coat comes out from under the UV light.  And I mean "drag my keys across it" dry.   The down side is that if your nails grow lightening fast like mine do, you'll have some icky grow out to live with (or you'll have to have it done more often than every 2 weeks).   However if you look at Sarah's, the combo of the light colored French and her reasonable growth cycle shows almost no noticeable grow out.  

When it came time to have a re-do we both decided to stick with the company we'd started with (hence I stayed with Shellac and Sarah with Axxium).  When I asked Sarah about her removal process she said it took about 30-45 mins and involved the nail stylist coating her fingernails with acetone-soaked cotton, wrapping it in foil, and then heating it.  After that the nail stylist had to file some the remainder off.  [My guess is this is the point some nail techs can cause damage it they're not careful.]   For Shellac, CND makes these little "acetone soaker band aid thingies" that wrap around each fingernail and you let it sit for 10 mins.  Then, it literally flakes/crumbles off (my stylist used an orange stick to scrape it off).  The way my nail tech described it (who went to the official CND training) the acetone literally breaks down the bonds/structure of the gel polish so it flakes off.  No buffing. or filing was required prior to my re-do.  However for both our "re-dos" the whole process took about an hour and a half or slightly less.  So it sounds like a wash there.

Here are our respective new nail "dos":

New Axxium (Sarah decided to go all one color this time)

New Shellac.  Hey its Halloween Weekend!!

So - from what I have seen it sounds like Shellac may be slightly less durable than Axxium in theory (I say in theory since I sure didn't see any damage in my 15 days and while at the salon getting my re-do, a lady told me she kept hers on four weeks!).  In return, it sounds like Axxium has the potential for more damage to the nail than Shellac in theory (again I say in theory because Sarah experienced no problems and I presume it depends on the ability and experience/training of your stylist).  I would say whichever system you choose you will not be disappointed!

Now, what everyone wants to know:  Price.   Generally from my midwestern shopping around (Iowa, Kansas City, Chicago) both are comparable in price and tend to run from around $35 on the low end for an "express" version (which means no mani pampering - just the polish process) to over $50 on the high end (at more chi-chi salons and/or including more pampering).  The big key:  shop around in your town!!  The first place I had mine done would have charged me $10 to remove the polish IF I was getting the process redone and $14 if I just wanted it off.  I called around and found that right in my own backyard, my local salon would do the removal for FREE, IF you were having the process redone.  They did charge $10 if you just wanted it off and weren't having another service.  I figured that was more than fair.    NOTE:  Since these processes are becoming so popular so fast, not many salons have been able to get ahold of the process (many of the materials are on backorder from the companies).  CND has a "shellac salon locator" on their website.  For OPI you may have to just call around a bit.  Even in Des Moines I was able to find about eight salons that did Shellac.

Lastly:  I absolutely want to give a shout out Melissa at Shear Style Salon in Ankeny  where I had my re-do.  She fit me in on short notice, as I mentioned she did not charge for removal since I was having the process redone, she had this great new glitter technique I'd never seen before (the benefit of being CND trained), and she's just a really damn nice person!  I really enjoyed my time with her!   If you live in the Des Moines area and want to go Shellac - by all means give Melissa a call.  You'll be glad you did!  I know this will be my new Shellac home from now on.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cloth Diapering 101

Welcome to Cloth Diapering 101. 

Below you’ll find an FAQ.  There is much more to know – and I openly disclose I am a newbie – but this should be enough to get your toe in the water.  If you have any questions I haven’t answered, just ask away in the Comments section and I’ll be happy to respond!

Q:  How do Cloth Diapers (CDs) work?
A:  It depends on the type that you purchase.  I’ll go over a few of them below.

-          Pre-folds & Covers:  This is closest to the “diapers of old” that our mothers used but usually the most economical.  The “pre-fold” is the absorbent diaper portion that goes against the baby’s skin. You would need to attach it via diaper pins or new “snappies”.  The Cover is what goes over the prefold – usually some form of waterproof fabric with elastic/gusseted legs and waist.
-          All In Ones/AI2s:  These are where the inner absorbent portion and the outer waterproof cover are sewn together in one diaper.  They usually attach with Velcro-type (hook/loop) closures, or with snaps.  They are handy – especially for reluctant dads, grandparents, or daycares since they are used much like a disposable. (A subset of this category is AI2s, where part of the inner diaper is either not sewn in completely, or is removable. This is to aid in drying time)
-          Pocket Diapers:  These are similar to All In Ones, but instead of the inner portion being sewn in, you put “inserts” into a “pocket” inside the diaper.  The type of insert and its absorbency level depends on the brand you are using as well as personal preference.  (note: you still must change the entire diaper each time as the pee or poo will get on the outside of the “pocket”).  Some brands of pocket diapers offer biodegradable/flushable inserts.
-          Hybrid:  These are newer to the CD genre and are the only diaper you can “re-use” more than one time between cleaning.  The liners of the diaper snap in and out so that you can remove the soiled area, replace with a fresh liner and re-use the “shell”.  However, once the shell has gone through a few changings (2-3) or once your loved one has pooed on them, you do need to change the shell as well.

Q:  Do you have to replace the entire diaper every time?
A:  Unless you are using a “hybrid” diaper, you will need to replace the entire diaper each time. 

Q:  Do diapers come in “sizes”?
A:  Some do.  Some diapers come in various sizes (S, M, L, etc).  Some are “One Size” diapers.  The “One Size” diapers adjust via either snaps or elastic tabs to fit a wide range of sizes (usually around 8-30lbs).

Q:  Where do you keep soiled CDs until cleaning time?
A:   Again some of this depends on personal preference.  Most families simply keep either a diaper pail with a CD liner (different than a typical “disposable” pail liner) or have a special “hanging wet bag” they place over a doorknob.  These pail liners or wet bags are cloth and lined with waterproof material.  The bags are washable and the idea is to wash them at the same time you wash the corresponding load of CDs.  Portable wet bags can be used for being out on the go or for daycare providers. 

Q:  How often do you need to clean them?
A:  Most CD companies recommend cleaning every 1-2 days for best results.

Q:  What do I do with the “poo”?
A:  Again it depends.  Some moms use biodegradable liners (thin sheets that go between the baby and the diaper) to contain poo for easier disposal.  Most people will tell you that if you’re exclusively breast feeding, the poo doesn’t need to be rinsed prior to being placed in the washing machine.  For older infants or those formula fed (firmer or stickier poos), you can use a disposable wipe, you can use a sink sprayer, you can use a special diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet, or you can dip the diaper into the toilet and flush. 

Q:  Do you need special detergent?
A:  It depends on what you mean by “special”.  You do need something that is safe for CDs (and for your little ones!).  Many moms like All Free & Clear.  It does still contain a chemical “brightener” but is a relatively safe choice.  There are also “niche” detergents like Rockin Green and Charlie’s. Here's a good link to help:

Q:  What do you do with the wipes you use?
A:  If you use disposable, you can usually just throw them in the wash right along with the CDs and then pick them out once washed to dispose of them.  Many moms use cloth wipes however.  I’ve even heard of moms taking the cloth wipes out of the washer and, while still damp, placing them in a wipes warmer!  What type of cloth wipe you like is a matter of preference, but many moms use either infant wash cloths, or cut up squares of microfleece.

Q:  How expensive is it to cloth diaper?
A:  It depends on what “system” you go with, how big a “stash” you want to have (i.e. how long you can go without doing laundry) and whether you use “fitted” or “one size” diapers.  From what I’ve seen, to get a solid “stash” expect to spend around $300 for all new.  However, there are great used diaper sites around as well as Craigslist and eBay.  Just remember that over the lifetime of your child, you’ll be saving hundreds in comparison to using disposables for 2-3 years.  Also, if you plan on having more than one child you will be able to use those CDs for future kids as well.

Q:  How many CDs will I need?
A:  Well if you just want to check out the CD world to see if you like it, you could get away with just a few diapers and/or covers.  However, if you know you want to jump in whole hog, you should have enough to change your baby for at least two full days.  Most would say that equates to about 18 diapers.  However if you’re using the Hybrids you may be able to get away with a few less.  The general rule there is to have enough shells for however many times your baby poops in a 2-day period (4-6). 

Q:  Are leaks worse with CDs?
A:  It depends on who you ask.  Some will say the “sized” diapers help better control leaks. Others will say specific brands work better for them than others.  Basically - just like disposables - it’s a matter of trial/error and brand preference.  Many diapers offer “soaker pads” or “doublers” which are pads of absorbent fabric you lay in the crotch area of the diaper to increase absorbency.   Some moms do prefer to use disposables for overnight protection, while others find that they are fine with cloth.

Q:  Is diaper rash worse with CDs?
A:  No. In fact many mothers find that they have less incidents of rash with CDs due to the lack of chemicals in the diaper.  Do note that most diaper rash creams cannot be used with CDs unless a liner is put in place.

Q:  I’m lost on all the lingo and abbreviations!
A:  Check here for help: 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cover it in Cloth!

AIO.  Flip.  Hybrid.  Am I talking about cars?  Electronics?  Cameras?  Nope - I'm talking about diapers.  Cloth diapers to be specific.  We've decided (well I decided, my husband kindly acquiesced) to start using cloth diapers on our 3 month old.  I like being green and not clogging up landfills, but I also like the cost savings.  I figured up the average cost of diapers and wipes for two years and we will be saving about $600 by using cloth.  Our only hurdle will be getting day care on board - but I'm confident.  I think.

For those of you who are having thoughts of saggy white cotton or muslin, pins shaped like duckies and bunnies, and huge sloppy pails of Borax water - think again.  Cloth diapering is as much fun and fashion as it is function.  And, to be clear, the function part has greatly improved over days of old as well.  Allow  me to show you some of the new wave of cloth diapers (CDs):

So you can see how I was won over.  I get to be eco-conscious, thrifty, AND fun/fashionable.  What's not to love??

Speaking of love... I ordered most of my diapers from Nickis (  Not only do they allow a 15-day trial period on all diapers (yes - they will let you return USED diapers if you don't love them as long as you follow their rules found here: but they have great shipping offers and fun free gifts with sizable purchases.  They also offer a HUGE variety of CDs and CD accessories (wet bags, detergents, liners, etc).  They can be limited in their inventory - I found that  many of my "wants" were either completely sold out, or the colors I wanted were not available.  I'm not sure if this is normal for the site but I do plan on checking back as I find the CD system I want to stick with.  I also used who have free shipping on orders over $49 and a referral program that is great ($10 off to each friend you refer along with a $10 credit to you!).  Their CD selection isn't outstanding but they have the big names and they have a TON of other mommy products from feeding to toys.

Here are the brands I'll be trying out in coming days:
Bumgenious Flip
Bumgenious organic AIO
Fuzzibuns OS
Knickernappies OS
GroVia (the new update of GroBaby)
Best Bottom Hook/Loop (Nicki's own brand)

Be on the lookout soon for a CD "primer" for beginners.  I'll include a quick overview of the CD process, the different styles of CD on the market, what you need to get started, and a mini-dictionary.  There's a lot to learn about CDing but also - I hope - a lot to love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Baby

What is my newest family addition, if not another reason to shop??  There are so many fabulous things out there - even new goodies since I was in baby shoppin mode 3 years ago - that I have to watch myself.  No really.  In order to help me do that I've become very good friends with two websites that operate similarly but a little different from one another:  Babysteals is a great website run by Utah mamas that offers great baby, child, and maternity items at very discounted prices (often around 1/2 off!).  Each day, at 10am central time, they list a new "steal".  (For instance today is GroBaby cloth diapering system for half off!)  You can sign up to get email notices of each deal (however I do note that a lot of times the emails don't go out until well after 10am and sometimes the bargains can be gone by then!! yes - we bargain shoppin mamas are not to be messed with)   I've done quite a bit of damage here - but to great ends.  I've been introduced to wonderful products (Aden & Anias muslin swaddling blankets - MUST have) and also gotten my hands on things I wouldn't have sprung for at full price (Ergo Organic embroidered carrier) all at a major cost savings.  On top of that shipping is always reasonable and quick!  Mamabargains is similar but operates a bit differently.  This site has great deals similar to those offered by Babysteals (great items at deep discounts) but they offer new items on a constant rotation.  In other words, they will offer a deal, and once it is gone, they quickly post up a new one.  So instead of one deal a day you have access to many!  It is tricky (and addictive) to keep checking in but its worth it!  I've just started following Mamabargains and already made my first purchase yesterday (Amon Maternity's  - Forgive Bodyshaper... not that I need it... ahem).  This site has multiple shipping options from First Class mail to overnight UPS.  You choose.

Happy mama shopping ... and as I tell my husband, these deals are so good the items are "practically free".  Feel free to steal that one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skinny Jeans For Not So Skinny People

One trend I haven't been able to get into - literally - is the Skinny Jean.   Not that I don't love the vibe, but trying to put tailored denim on a pear = not a good look.  If the hips fit, the legs would be too wide and look silly.  If the legs fit, well lets just say we all know that muffin tops should relegate themselves to a breakfast food only - they do not belong on 30-something women. 

All that changed when I found out about Hue's Skinny Jeanz from a friend.  You may know Hue as a hosiery company (great tights, etc) but they have hit the mark with these great leggings.  They are made to look like jeans, but are a stretchy legging.  The zipper and pockets on the front are faux but they do have real back pockets.  The best thing is that they fit ALL body types!  So now I can wear that skinny-jeans-with-huge-cowl-neck-sweater-and-boots look that I've been eyeing for fall and not feel either silly or in pain.  One hint - do order one size up if you're anywhere on the line between sizes.  My post preggo bod is currently between an 8-10 in pants size, and I got the large. I'm glad I did.  While they are leggings they don't stretch as much as your typical lycra leggings in order to keep that denim look and shape.

They come in blue and black (the black being more a really dark charcoal - much nicer than harsh black) and I've seen them floating around in white as well as some jewel tones!

Here are the full jeanz

And here are their capris

So go rock that look you've been craving even if your body isn't going to be rocking the runway anytime soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everyday Things I Heart

Ok so most of us can't spend a week's paycheck on products like Creme De La Mer every month.  In that vein I wanted to share some of my grocery- and drugstore finds that I love.  And also share a few I wanted to love - but didn't.

1)  Garnier Length and Strength shampoo/conditioner:  I have tried everything from Bumble & Bumble to Fekkai and in general been let down.  Out of sheer rebellious frustration (and to earn brownie points with hubbs) I bought this at the grocery store late last year.  While it says its for "hard to grow long" hair, mine was already longish - but also very tired and dull.  After using this for about four months, I went to my hair dresser.  She commented more than once on how healthy my hair was and even told me while styling that backcombing may not stay in my hair since it was soooo silky smooth!  I totally love this stuff and have re-purchased when my old bottles ran out instead of hunting for something "new" or "better".  That's a miracle!

2)  Oil of Olay Touch of Sun moisturizer:  I have skin that tans easily.  Which is wonderful if you tan.  But I don't. So that means instead I have these lovely jaundice-yellow undertones that make me look ill instead.  I looked and looked for a moisturizer that would add subtle color (NOT a facial self tanner) but one that was kind to my skin as well.  This is the one.  I have used it for over a year now and love it.  No orange color build up; absolutely no streaking or splotching, and it gives wonderful subtle color.  I put it on after washing my face, let it soak in all of a minute or so, and then apply makeup.  I've never had an issue and my skin is great as a result.

3)  Sally Hanson Airbrushed Legs:  I was turned onto this by a friend (thanks Sarah!) and love it.  For those of us that don't have time (or desire) to keep applying self tanner every few days this is a great one-off event  solution.  You spray it on your hands and then smear it all over your legs (i.e. you do not spray  it on your legs like an airbrushed tan).  It gives great coverage and color (not orange or streaky and nicely semi-opaque) but won't wear off on clothing or if caught in a light rain and doesn't look "painted".  You do have to use soap and a scrubbie to get it off in the shower - but I like that... that means it has staying power and won't wilt halfway through my day!

4)  Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean face cleanser:  Ok so not truly a grocery store find,  but not too expensive at $19 a tube and that tube will last FOREVER.  It takes only a pea-sized amount each time you cleanse and its amazing.  I use only water, cleanser and my hands when I wash my face - always have - and this stuff gets it all off.  Even my eye makup!  But at the same time its gentle and has a refreshing soft scent.  I doubt I'll ever use anything else as long as EL cooperates and keeps this one in rotation!

5)  Oil of Olay Quench lotion for Extra Dry Skin:  I have dry skin. Like really, really dry.  Like "I have never not had alligator legs during summer until I found this stuff" dry.  This lotion is the ONLY lotion I've ever used that will keep my skin soft and moisturized for the true 24 hours it claims.  Even more if on the weekends I skip a shower day (shhhhh).   Not much more to say other than fab...its the only lotion I'll use.  And that was reinforced by a momentary stray you'll read about below....

Things that were not so hot:

1)  Jergens Natural Glow Firming Lotion:  Ok for some reason I decided to stray from my lovely Quench in order to try and get some color on my legs.  I picked up this lotion one day at the store counting on it being as gradual and perfect as my Olay Touch of Sun facial moisturizer.  Plus it had a firming agent to battle cellulite!  Boy was this heaven! Wrong-o.  After one use I had streaks on my legs and splotching around my ankles and knees.  This has WAY too much self tanner in it and not enough of whatever else its supposed to do.  After a week I threw it out. There's nothing natural about it.

2)  Aquafresh Iso Active Lasting Impact toothpaste:  I have some weird obsession with trying new toothpastes.  Whatever catchy marketing or new bottle/tube comes along I have to give it a whirl.  I had been quasi-faithful to my Aquafresh Extreme Clean so I thought when this new "Iso Active" came out I'd give it a whirl.  Cool new "shaving cream-esque" can and it's made to go with my Sonicare toothbrush.  Perfect?  Not quite.  While the toothpaste tastes great and does turn into a neat "rabid dog" foam, my big beef..... it drools out tons of mess after every use!!  All down the can - and thus all over your counter (and hands!).  If you read the can it even suggests wiping down the nozzle after each use!  Who has the time or inclination??  Not me.  In addition, whatever it has in it, after using it for a week or so I noticed little strings of lip skin inside my mouth - as if the inside of my lips were peeling!  I stopped the paste, that stopped.  I started using it again, it was back.  That doesn't sound good to me.

That's all I've got for today kiddies!  I'll be back to review my Nordy's finds and some great baby items soon!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More to come....

Well my friends I have been busy at work obtaining blog fodder!   I have a package waiting at home for me from Nordy's full of goodies to tell you about.  I have yet another new pair of shoes to discuss (but see, these are athletic shoes, so really its hardly even a shoe purchase at all - more a necessity!) and some great baby finds to tell you about!

In the meantime I offer you a present for your patience!!  An invite to join Gilt Group.  If you haven't heard of it, its a "wait list" or "invite only" discount group that offers A-list designer items for deeeep discounts.  I'm talking names like Vera Wang, L.A.M.B, Roberto Cavalli, DVF, and on and on.  Sometimes they even offer adorable high end baby/children's clothes!   There are new deals at noon EST each day!

So, if you'd like in on the goodies, feel free to use me as an invite.  In the interest of full disclosure I think I do get something like a $20 store credit if I refer "so many" people, but that's not my focus. (Honest Abe!)  I'm more interested in sharing the love with all my readers!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Shoe of the Week: Friday

Ok, so for all the flak I've been getting about skyscraper heels, and for my spending habits, I now present to you, my final shoe of the day:

Target's Xhiliration "Saniya" Black Patent Pointy Toe Flats:

Flat shoes, rubber flex-sole, and on CLEARANCE for $6.98.  So there!   I do love the rubber flex soles, but right now my heels are not loving the inevitable blisters that are headed their way.... bummer.

I also realized today that I am in one of my "head-to-toe" Target modes.  In honor of the Bulls-eye Boutique, and my loyalty thereto, here is the rest of my ensemble:

Merona Deep Wash Jeans with No Gap Waistband:

Mossimo Studded Black Racerback Tank:

With Mossimo's Black Layering Cardigan overtop:

And yes, even my underthings are Target-bought however I will spare you (and my mother's feelings) and just leave it at that.

So my week of shoes is at its end.  A little sad, yes, but at least I get to keep the spoils of my adventure and wear them again and again.  Ok some more than others.....  next on the review "to do" list?  Dr. Scholl's gel insert for heels.  Hey if that chick from What Not To Wear hawks them they have to be great right?  We'll see!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Shoe of the Day

Ok so finding a photo of this one was tough.  Its no longer up at Zappos and google was no help!  So you'll have to use a bit of imagination.  I found a photo of the shoe in black, but I have it in "natural calf".  The only photo I could find of that was microscopic.  *sigh*

Overall the shoes look wonderful, somehow classy and casual all at once.  But they need to stretch a little - my toes feel cramped and my feet feel smooshed.  I know this is a good thing for a new leather strappy shoe - it means once it breaks in it will still fit - but for now I'm happy today is a "desk" day.

Michael Kors' KORS "Fair" in Natural Shiny Calf:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Week - Wednesday's Shoe

As promised here is today's shoe, which oddly enough is the cheapest of all my new heels and by far the most comfortable of the past three!

Penthouse's "Rose" Peep Toe Platform Pump in White/Black Patent:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Ok so yesterday was my first day back from Mat leave.  Apart from the fact that the baby - who had been a good sleeper with only one night waking around 2am lately - decided it was party time about four times Sunday night, I was still ready to roll come Monday morning.

When I was in high school I would mark the return to school in the fall with the purchase of five new outfits. One for each day of that crucial first week.  (Bless my mother's heart)  It was a way to shrug off the summer buzz and get into school vibe.  Plus it was always about making a great re-impression after being gone those long summer weeks.

In honor of that tradition, I decided to purchase one new pair of shoes for each day of my week's return back to work.  So far, Monday's shoes were not good.  Adorable, but painful and kept slipping off my heel requiring me to walk around like a deranged duck.  Today's shoes are only slightly better which is disappointing considering they are my first L.A.M.B purchase - long overdue - and one would think that Gwen would know better than to go skimpy with cushioning for the balls of the feet in 4" heels.  Shame on you Gwenny.   But they look great and are only mildy uncomfortable so they stay.

Here are this week's selections so far, and I will continue to post each day what I'm rockin on the paws.

Monday's - Not Rated's "Cover Look" in navy polka dot:

Tuesday's - L.A.M.B's Tansy in Grey (more of a weird grey-brown but I love that about them):

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more comfort!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annnnnnd We're Back

For many reasons, I've decided to bring the blog back to life!  (Note the lovely new template!)

First, my maternity leave is over in two days - and during my maternity leave I learned many things. The foremost of which is: I still have my shopping swagga on!   Let me tell you a little story to demonstrate:  As I was sitting on the couch a few weeks ago, the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS man leaving a package.  I grabbed the package, waved and then assessed what had been delivered.  I realized it was actually NOT my package, but my neighbor's.  I quickly flagged down the UPS driver and explained.  His response? "Oh I deliver so many things here I just assumed it was yours! Sorry!"   That can't be good.  Or at least not if you're my husband.  Hey there are limited outlets for creativity when you're home for 10 weeks with a newborn.  Plus, have you seen all the cute kids stuff there is out there?  I mean c'mon.

Second, I realized that for all my shopinista, I was losing touch.  I did not find out that my beloved Zac Posen was designing for my beloved Target until his stuff was on clearance.  CLEARANCE!  (so much is wrong with that - not the least of which is that anything by Zac Posen would be on clearance).  I mean most days I go to Target I sheepishly realize I'm head to foot Target-clad - down to the bra!  How could I have missed this.

So its time to get back in game shape!  In order to do so, and in order to help my pal Zac, I had to purchase his pair of tuxedo pants.  Where will a mother of a three year old and a newborn have to wear Zac Posen tuxedo pants?  Probably nowhere.  Whatev.  That's not the point.  Here they are - in all their lovely glory (note the very cool navy blue accents for a "wait is that blue?" turn of the head from onlookers):

I only wish the jacket had still been available.  *le sigh*

So ladies and gentlemen - I'm bringing sexy back - or shopping back - or something like that.  So tune in, turn on and wait with baited breath!!