Monday, July 12, 2010

Cover it in Cloth!

AIO.  Flip.  Hybrid.  Am I talking about cars?  Electronics?  Cameras?  Nope - I'm talking about diapers.  Cloth diapers to be specific.  We've decided (well I decided, my husband kindly acquiesced) to start using cloth diapers on our 3 month old.  I like being green and not clogging up landfills, but I also like the cost savings.  I figured up the average cost of diapers and wipes for two years and we will be saving about $600 by using cloth.  Our only hurdle will be getting day care on board - but I'm confident.  I think.

For those of you who are having thoughts of saggy white cotton or muslin, pins shaped like duckies and bunnies, and huge sloppy pails of Borax water - think again.  Cloth diapering is as much fun and fashion as it is function.  And, to be clear, the function part has greatly improved over days of old as well.  Allow  me to show you some of the new wave of cloth diapers (CDs):

So you can see how I was won over.  I get to be eco-conscious, thrifty, AND fun/fashionable.  What's not to love??

Speaking of love... I ordered most of my diapers from Nickis (  Not only do they allow a 15-day trial period on all diapers (yes - they will let you return USED diapers if you don't love them as long as you follow their rules found here: but they have great shipping offers and fun free gifts with sizable purchases.  They also offer a HUGE variety of CDs and CD accessories (wet bags, detergents, liners, etc).  They can be limited in their inventory - I found that  many of my "wants" were either completely sold out, or the colors I wanted were not available.  I'm not sure if this is normal for the site but I do plan on checking back as I find the CD system I want to stick with.  I also used who have free shipping on orders over $49 and a referral program that is great ($10 off to each friend you refer along with a $10 credit to you!).  Their CD selection isn't outstanding but they have the big names and they have a TON of other mommy products from feeding to toys.

Here are the brands I'll be trying out in coming days:
Bumgenious Flip
Bumgenious organic AIO
Fuzzibuns OS
Knickernappies OS
GroVia (the new update of GroBaby)
Best Bottom Hook/Loop (Nicki's own brand)

Be on the lookout soon for a CD "primer" for beginners.  I'll include a quick overview of the CD process, the different styles of CD on the market, what you need to get started, and a mini-dictionary.  There's a lot to learn about CDing but also - I hope - a lot to love!

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smiley said...

Great post! I was totally won over the same way you were! They are so cute and the savings can't be beat. They also hold a strong resale value so when you are done you can sell them!