Friday, September 5, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Threadless T and Print Sale

Anyone who knows me knows my penchant for funny Tees. My most recent addition is my pink one that reads "Part Time Lawyer - Full Time Ninja". My passion for clever shirtwear is so strong that every Christmas everyone in my family gets a funny tee to fit their personality. Where would I find so many choices and styles?? Threadless!! If you haven't been out there you HAVE to go, and if you haven't been lately .. brush up!

This week is their semi-annual Tee and print sale. All Tees are now either $9 or $12 and all prints (basically the same art on the Tees just made to be framed!) are $19! But get em while you can.. they only make a limited number of each design and when they're out, they're out. Unless of course the public as a whole votes for a reprint! Oh and did I mention all designs are submitted by folks just like you?

They even have some limited designs available as wall art - not prints - but actual vinyl wall art! Super cool.

Check out a few of my Fav's:
My Daily Struggle
My Thoughts Exactly
Great For The Kiddos
This One May Take You A While (stand waaaay back to read it)
I Like to Think I'm This Cool
Just Plain Odd

And now go check out all your own!! You can search the whole catalog, search by size/gender, or just check out what's new. And the best thing - they have kids and infant sizes too!!! Go get yourself covered!!

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