Friday, May 22, 2009

Holey Donuts

Ok so a while back I mentioned I went on a "research" spree. I've already reviewed my new friends the Bumpits below. The other purchase was a number of flavors of Holey Donuts ( They purport to be much better for you - in some cases 4x less fat - than typical donuts. AND they're not made with fake out ingredients (no tofu here folks!) - just good old fashioned normal stuff. I was not hopeful upon ordering but still couldn't help myself.

On my first round I ordered the Boston Creme Oreo, the Assortment #4, the Original Glazed, and the Cinnamon Rolls. The first one I had was the Boston Creme Oreo. The directions say to microwave them (they come frozen - packed in dry ice) for 15-20 seconds. I ended up having to do that plus another couple of 10 second hits. The down side was that all the frosting melted and ran all over the little plate the donut was on. Not that I couldn't scoop it all back on, but it didn't look as pretty and darnit I'm a sucker for packaging.

I am happy to report that the donuts were delightful! The fact that they are lower in fat/calories means they will not be 100% identical to a Krispy Kreme people. But for me that's a-ok - those double K donuts just are toooo cloyingly sweet for me anyway. The Holey Donuts I've found are still plenty sugary to satisfy a donut craving but aren't so sticky sugar filled that they mask the great flavors inside.

I've since had the basic glazed and the cinnamon rolls. Both get two thumbs up. I have not tried any of the others but considering its my duty as a blogger (and there's a holiday weekend ahead of me) I plan on it.

If there is a downside here its price. A six-pack of donuts (without shipping included) is almost $12.00. Yeah that's $2.00 a donut. And they won't ship any order under $35.00 so buy in bulk and save em in your freezer. But since these are hand made, and are a rarity (a good donut that you can feel good about) I say the price is worth it. BIG HINT: get on the mailing list right away before placing your first order. Quite often they run specials and sales that will include either free shipping or free-with-purchase donuts.

And in the "to be continued" column, I've recently made a new purchase that is winging its way to me. Its from the COMO Shambhala spas. I'm on a major kick lately to stop putting artificial chemicals in my body. To that end, I'm trying to locate products from make up to laundry detergent (and of COURSE foods) that don't have anything in the ingredient list that I can't identify! I read about the Shambhala bath gel in a famous mag and decided I couldn't live without it! I also got sucked in on the website and ordered a soap bar and some massage oil as well. With the tricky EU exchange rate I ended up paying about 1.5x what they "cost" but hopefully my body and mind will thank me for it! When they arrive from across the pond I'll give an update!