Monday, September 21, 2009

Where The Heck Have You Been???

And to answer that question, I present you with a link to my new blog. One that will, for about the next 18 years, take up most of my time:

Since this info is very private, and since - in this day and age - the world can be a scary place, if you'd like access to my new blog after Oct 1, 2009, please either email me, leave a comment here, or PM me on Facebook with your email so that I can add you to the approved users list. After Oct 1 the blog will, unfortunately, be set to "Private - Authorized Users Only" status.

I've enjoyed my time blogging here - and may start up again from time to time - I'm sure there is a whole world of new Mommy shopping that needs to be discussed and reviewed - but for now most of my attention will turn to our new blessing.

Thanks for your support and following over the past year(s). It really has meant more than you know! I hope you are all blessed each and every day. Sincerely, Kristi