Monday, March 17, 2014

Pinterest-worthy Double Bun

Yes, this is a selfie of my own hair - no fancy photogs here!
For weeks I've been trying out lots of Pinterest up-do's.  Some have turned out alright.  But most have apparently been of the misunderstanding that I have 4 hands, eyes in the back of my head and thick hair down to my rear (instead of the fine slick hair I have down to just past my shoulders).  So today I was playing around and inadvertently created my own updo.  I love the look of a "sock bun" but don't like having to wrap and pin all those ends.  I figured I'd share my eureka since, unlike many of the updo's found on Pinterest - it's not hard!

What you'll need:
A hair donut or sock bun form
2 hair elastics (I prefer silicone ones like these which you can find in many brands)
2 bobby pins

How to:

1) Put your hair into a pony in the high-middle of the back of your head  - secure with an elastic.

2) Create a bun using your hair donut or sock form - if you don't know how check out this good video tutorial (Hint; if you have your sock form or hair donut already, skip to 2:18 and then STOP after she uses the second elastic!):

3)  By now you have your bun with the second elastic holding it in place but with all your ends hanging out all over.   Gently gather all your ends at the top of the bun on top of your head, wrapping the ones from the bottom gently around and up so as not to disturb the bun.   Once you have them all at the top gently run a fine-toothed comb through them and gather them in one hand.  
4)  Take the ends and roll them under (toward your face) so that you now have a "tube" of hair - hold it there with the fingers from one hand.  Using the other hand insert a bobby pin into the bottom of the tube - one from each direction (left and right) securing the bobby pins to the "base" of your hair you pulled back for your pony.  Don't worry if the pins show right now.

5)  Once secured, gently take each end of the "hair tube" and slowly pull it down until the ends are flat to your head and you can't see any open space.  Smooth out the tube gently with your fingers and make sure hair is distributed evenly.  

6)  Spray away!   Voila, you're done!

Of course you can put the "tube" on the bottom, the side, wherever it suits you best!