Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back.... I think.

Ok so for the first time since starting to blog (I think) I've missed an entire month - the entire month of April.  Ooooops.  Ryan and I have had a lot going on and life has just seemed to keep us busy enough that my "on-line" time suffered a little.  

I also realized I was getting away from the original focus of my blog.  SHOPPING and all things FABULOUS.  :)   So... purely to support the blogesphere (as far as my husband knows) I have ordered two new buzzworthy items and will review them for you as soon as they arrive on my doorstep.  What have I procured you ask?

#1 A set of Bumpits.  Yes Bumpits.  No, nothing to do with armpits, these little contraptions claim to get you a great Brigitte Bardot poof at the top crown of your head with little to no teasing.  The Bump.  I've never been good at teasing to get the right amount of poof. Ask my bewildered stylist.  And with fine hair, even if I can get it high and mighty it falls flat as a pancake within minutes.  I've read a bunch of online reviews of these and the majority do seem to love them.  There is a strong vocal minority who think they're horrid however so we'll see.

#2 Holey Donuts.  No, not kosher or religious donuts.  Apparently these treats are super low fat and low cal.  To the point of being about 1/4 the fat of a normal donut!  People do the math - that means you can have FOUR for the fat of one.  Yum.  And with flavors like Banana Cream Oreo Cookie and Apple Graham Cracker as well as lemon-filled donut holes or even cinnamon rolls how could I not be sucked in?  In the name of reliable and impartial blogging it was my duty to order as many flavors as I could reasonably handle (i.e. as many as I could before my husband pitched a fit).  

So dear reader I will post photos, reviews, and perhaps even some video if necessary to drive a point home, once my lovelies arrive!  And I promise to never leave you all alone for so long again.  I hope.