Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Baby

What is my newest family addition, if not another reason to shop??  There are so many fabulous things out there - even new goodies since I was in baby shoppin mode 3 years ago - that I have to watch myself.  No really.  In order to help me do that I've become very good friends with two websites that operate similarly but a little different from one another:  Babysteals is a great website run by Utah mamas that offers great baby, child, and maternity items at very discounted prices (often around 1/2 off!).  Each day, at 10am central time, they list a new "steal".  (For instance today is GroBaby cloth diapering system for half off!)  You can sign up to get email notices of each deal (however I do note that a lot of times the emails don't go out until well after 10am and sometimes the bargains can be gone by then!! yes - we bargain shoppin mamas are not to be messed with)   I've done quite a bit of damage here - but to great ends.  I've been introduced to wonderful products (Aden & Anias muslin swaddling blankets - MUST have) and also gotten my hands on things I wouldn't have sprung for at full price (Ergo Organic embroidered carrier) all at a major cost savings.  On top of that shipping is always reasonable and quick!  Mamabargains is similar but operates a bit differently.  This site has great deals similar to those offered by Babysteals (great items at deep discounts) but they offer new items on a constant rotation.  In other words, they will offer a deal, and once it is gone, they quickly post up a new one.  So instead of one deal a day you have access to many!  It is tricky (and addictive) to keep checking in but its worth it!  I've just started following Mamabargains and already made my first purchase yesterday (Amon Maternity's  - Forgive Bodyshaper... not that I need it... ahem).  This site has multiple shipping options from First Class mail to overnight UPS.  You choose.

Happy mama shopping ... and as I tell my husband, these deals are so good the items are "practically free".  Feel free to steal that one.