Friday, August 29, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: MILK AGAIN!

Ok, so if I wasn't singing from the rooftops before - I am now. Yesterday I had 8oz of milk twice a day. And then - because patience has never been a virtue I adhere to - I had a bowl full (two scoops) of ice cream. Not one symptom. Nothing. Even on my best day that would have put well over the edge of very bad things.

Today I've had my 2 servings of 10oz of milk plus pasta with cream sauce and cheese. Lovely.

I'll report back from time to time to just confirm that over the weeks I'm still hangin in there but I will say that my cynical nature has been dispelled (on this topic at least). I'm not silly enough to think this is a forever cure - I'm sure if I stop having dairy for an extended period I'll be back where I started. But hopefully a glass of milk a day keeps the ickies away!! We shall see...

Vote Early, Vote Often! - UPDATED

For all you who participated in the WFN contest on behalf of our family friend, Shane (see original blog post HERE...) You'll be happy to you know your efforts made a huge difference!! Shane came in SECOND! Here is the email from his father:

Just wanted to tell you all that Shane took second place in the WFN fishing contest you all worked so hard at. They just got a call this morning. He came in second out of everyone that was voted for. He gets a $500 on line gift certificate at any national store that he chooses.

Without all of your help it wouldn't have happened. He and my sister thanks each and everyone of you for the thrill he got for coming in second. This is a great lift for him and he can't come close to expressing his thanks to all you you. Your the greatest. And thank everyone else who helped as well. I don't have Kristi's email or I'd have her included as well. She did a great write up on her Blog. Please pass the word to everyone who worked on this.

And a great big hand of applause for John who said up all night the last day and voted till the last minute.

Good things do come from hard work and great friends.

Thanks again from all of us. Your the greatest people.

Shane is walking on clouds and very proud to be a part of such a great network of friends.
So thank you to everyone who voted - and thanks for making a difference in one guy's life!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: Day 34!

Ok - so here we are... my first "controlled dairy" day. The plan says to have 8oz of milk at breakfast and another 8 at dinner. I can't tell you how nervous I was about this since I'm at work today! I did have a big breakfast to try and coat my tummy (3 pcs bacon, scrambled eggs and part of a sausage patty). I drank my 8oz (give or take - our caf only has 12oz bottles so I had to guestimate) at about 9:00am today. Its currently 10:52am and not one symptom. Not even a little discomfort or bloating, not even so much as a belch.

I'm not singing from the moutaintops just yet. Even "back in the day" I could get away with a latte every once in a while... so we'll see. But I'm cautiously excited. Tomorrow will be 10oz 2x day and then Saturday will be 12oz. Sunday I plan on having a big ole chocolate peanut-butter malt so I'll report back!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: Day 31

Wooo hooo I am in the home stretch. So far no big issues to report. I am up to 3L/1s with breakfast and 4L scoops with dinner. I even had cheese pizza last night for dinner WITH the Lactagen and no issues. One thing I did notice is that my diet was not so successful recently. I think it may be that the diet calls for very strict food intake from day to day, and two large glasses of dairy sugar are NOT part of that diet. I'm not saying its totally that, but I followed the diet to the "t" for 4 days and only lost 1lbs. Not a good sign.

Also, again maybe totally unrelated but (for those squeamish stop here and move on to the next paragraph) I have gotten two yeast infections (told ya!) in the past month. Yeast, obviously, feeds on sugar not to mention this is getting all the internal flora in my system reworked, so I wonder if this has something to do with that. Who knows.

But at any rate, I have only 3 more days of "powder" left and then we start back into dairy for a 3-day build up to freedom. I have noticed the grit in the powder lately since I'm taking it in such large amounts in such a small amount of water. It contains silica (aka sand!) so its a little gross. Not disgusting - just a little chalky and doesn't stay stirred up well.

I'll post back on day 35 when I start dairy again. I'm a little nervous - its a workday and you start with 8oz of milk at breakfast... but we'll just have to see!