Friday, August 29, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: MILK AGAIN!

Ok, so if I wasn't singing from the rooftops before - I am now. Yesterday I had 8oz of milk twice a day. And then - because patience has never been a virtue I adhere to - I had a bowl full (two scoops) of ice cream. Not one symptom. Nothing. Even on my best day that would have put well over the edge of very bad things.

Today I've had my 2 servings of 10oz of milk plus pasta with cream sauce and cheese. Lovely.

I'll report back from time to time to just confirm that over the weeks I'm still hangin in there but I will say that my cynical nature has been dispelled (on this topic at least). I'm not silly enough to think this is a forever cure - I'm sure if I stop having dairy for an extended period I'll be back where I started. But hopefully a glass of milk a day keeps the ickies away!! We shall see...

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