Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skinny Jeans For Not So Skinny People

One trend I haven't been able to get into - literally - is the Skinny Jean.   Not that I don't love the vibe, but trying to put tailored denim on a pear = not a good look.  If the hips fit, the legs would be too wide and look silly.  If the legs fit, well lets just say we all know that muffin tops should relegate themselves to a breakfast food only - they do not belong on 30-something women. 

All that changed when I found out about Hue's Skinny Jeanz from a friend.  You may know Hue as a hosiery company (great tights, etc) but they have hit the mark with these great leggings.  They are made to look like jeans, but are a stretchy legging.  The zipper and pockets on the front are faux but they do have real back pockets.  The best thing is that they fit ALL body types!  So now I can wear that skinny-jeans-with-huge-cowl-neck-sweater-and-boots look that I've been eyeing for fall and not feel either silly or in pain.  One hint - do order one size up if you're anywhere on the line between sizes.  My post preggo bod is currently between an 8-10 in pants size, and I got the large. I'm glad I did.  While they are leggings they don't stretch as much as your typical lycra leggings in order to keep that denim look and shape.

They come in blue and black (the black being more a really dark charcoal - much nicer than harsh black) and I've seen them floating around in white as well as some jewel tones!

Here are the full jeanz

And here are their capris

So go rock that look you've been craving even if your body isn't going to be rocking the runway anytime soon!