Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running on - Reebok?

I hate running.  Really.  I've tried in the past to love it but I never get that "runner's high".  Instead I get runners angst.  I end up cursing myself, my shoes, my legs, the pavement (or treadmill), the clock, etc etc etc.  However (you knew it was coming, right?) I've decided its the quickest, easiest, most portable cardio I can do.  I loved my Zumba classes but trying to get away from my desk at the same time each day is next to impossible.  So while I love the flexibility to work out during my work day classes weren't going to work long term.

Enter my friend Jenny.  You know the type - had her second child seven months ago and looks like she's never eaten a carb in her life?  Yeah.  Well she's a runner.  Each day I watch her go down and get her run in.  Each day I hear her mention how great she feels after.  This is about the time I'm eating a Mrs. Freshley's chocolate cupcake (heaven!).   So I've decided to join her.

The last pair of running shoes I have are about eight years old.  Really.  So its time for some new ones.  At least I can finagle some shopping out of this experiment in torture!  I decided, after much research, on a new pair of Reebok Runtones.  From all I can gather the "toning" part is iffy - but they rock as a running shoe.  I'll take that.  And our friends at Reebok allow you to customize EVERYTHING about the color palate of the shoe - down to the cross check and stitching!!  (Did you know the Rebook logo thingie was called a cross check - now ya do!)

Here are the ones I created - and here's hoping they make running fun palatable.
And just for fun, here are two that I created but didn't choose.  I think I could have a new career her folks.  Seriously.  Shoe-color-designer.  Catchy.