Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everyday Things I Heart

Ok so most of us can't spend a week's paycheck on products like Creme De La Mer every month.  In that vein I wanted to share some of my grocery- and drugstore finds that I love.  And also share a few I wanted to love - but didn't.

1)  Garnier Length and Strength shampoo/conditioner:  I have tried everything from Bumble & Bumble to Fekkai and in general been let down.  Out of sheer rebellious frustration (and to earn brownie points with hubbs) I bought this at the grocery store late last year.  While it says its for "hard to grow long" hair, mine was already longish - but also very tired and dull.  After using this for about four months, I went to my hair dresser.  She commented more than once on how healthy my hair was and even told me while styling that backcombing may not stay in my hair since it was soooo silky smooth!  I totally love this stuff and have re-purchased when my old bottles ran out instead of hunting for something "new" or "better".  That's a miracle!

2)  Oil of Olay Touch of Sun moisturizer:  I have skin that tans easily.  Which is wonderful if you tan.  But I don't. So that means instead I have these lovely jaundice-yellow undertones that make me look ill instead.  I looked and looked for a moisturizer that would add subtle color (NOT a facial self tanner) but one that was kind to my skin as well.  This is the one.  I have used it for over a year now and love it.  No orange color build up; absolutely no streaking or splotching, and it gives wonderful subtle color.  I put it on after washing my face, let it soak in all of a minute or so, and then apply makeup.  I've never had an issue and my skin is great as a result.

3)  Sally Hanson Airbrushed Legs:  I was turned onto this by a friend (thanks Sarah!) and love it.  For those of us that don't have time (or desire) to keep applying self tanner every few days this is a great one-off event  solution.  You spray it on your hands and then smear it all over your legs (i.e. you do not spray  it on your legs like an airbrushed tan).  It gives great coverage and color (not orange or streaky and nicely semi-opaque) but won't wear off on clothing or if caught in a light rain and doesn't look "painted".  You do have to use soap and a scrubbie to get it off in the shower - but I like that... that means it has staying power and won't wilt halfway through my day!

4)  Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean face cleanser:  Ok so not truly a grocery store find,  but not too expensive at $19 a tube and that tube will last FOREVER.  It takes only a pea-sized amount each time you cleanse and its amazing.  I use only water, cleanser and my hands when I wash my face - always have - and this stuff gets it all off.  Even my eye makup!  But at the same time its gentle and has a refreshing soft scent.  I doubt I'll ever use anything else as long as EL cooperates and keeps this one in rotation!

5)  Oil of Olay Quench lotion for Extra Dry Skin:  I have dry skin. Like really, really dry.  Like "I have never not had alligator legs during summer until I found this stuff" dry.  This lotion is the ONLY lotion I've ever used that will keep my skin soft and moisturized for the true 24 hours it claims.  Even more if on the weekends I skip a shower day (shhhhh).   Not much more to say other than fab...its the only lotion I'll use.  And that was reinforced by a momentary stray you'll read about below....

Things that were not so hot:

1)  Jergens Natural Glow Firming Lotion:  Ok for some reason I decided to stray from my lovely Quench in order to try and get some color on my legs.  I picked up this lotion one day at the store counting on it being as gradual and perfect as my Olay Touch of Sun facial moisturizer.  Plus it had a firming agent to battle cellulite!  Boy was this heaven! Wrong-o.  After one use I had streaks on my legs and splotching around my ankles and knees.  This has WAY too much self tanner in it and not enough of whatever else its supposed to do.  After a week I threw it out. There's nothing natural about it.

2)  Aquafresh Iso Active Lasting Impact toothpaste:  I have some weird obsession with trying new toothpastes.  Whatever catchy marketing or new bottle/tube comes along I have to give it a whirl.  I had been quasi-faithful to my Aquafresh Extreme Clean so I thought when this new "Iso Active" came out I'd give it a whirl.  Cool new "shaving cream-esque" can and it's made to go with my Sonicare toothbrush.  Perfect?  Not quite.  While the toothpaste tastes great and does turn into a neat "rabid dog" foam, my big beef..... it drools out tons of mess after every use!!  All down the can - and thus all over your counter (and hands!).  If you read the can it even suggests wiping down the nozzle after each use!  Who has the time or inclination??  Not me.  In addition, whatever it has in it, after using it for a week or so I noticed little strings of lip skin inside my mouth - as if the inside of my lips were peeling!  I stopped the paste, that stopped.  I started using it again, it was back.  That doesn't sound good to me.

That's all I've got for today kiddies!  I'll be back to review my Nordy's finds and some great baby items soon!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More to come....

Well my friends I have been busy at work obtaining blog fodder!   I have a package waiting at home for me from Nordy's full of goodies to tell you about.  I have yet another new pair of shoes to discuss (but see, these are athletic shoes, so really its hardly even a shoe purchase at all - more a necessity!) and some great baby finds to tell you about!

In the meantime I offer you a present for your patience!!  An invite to join Gilt Group.  If you haven't heard of it, its a "wait list" or "invite only" discount group that offers A-list designer items for deeeep discounts.  I'm talking names like Vera Wang, L.A.M.B, Roberto Cavalli, DVF, and on and on.  Sometimes they even offer adorable high end baby/children's clothes!   There are new deals at noon EST each day!

So, if you'd like in on the goodies, feel free to use me as an invite.  In the interest of full disclosure I think I do get something like a $20 store credit if I refer "so many" people, but that's not my focus. (Honest Abe!)  I'm more interested in sharing the love with all my readers!!