Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annnnnnd We're Back

For many reasons, I've decided to bring the blog back to life!  (Note the lovely new template!)

First, my maternity leave is over in two days - and during my maternity leave I learned many things. The foremost of which is: I still have my shopping swagga on!   Let me tell you a little story to demonstrate:  As I was sitting on the couch a few weeks ago, the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS man leaving a package.  I grabbed the package, waved and then assessed what had been delivered.  I realized it was actually NOT my package, but my neighbor's.  I quickly flagged down the UPS driver and explained.  His response? "Oh I deliver so many things here I just assumed it was yours! Sorry!"   That can't be good.  Or at least not if you're my husband.  Hey there are limited outlets for creativity when you're home for 10 weeks with a newborn.  Plus, have you seen all the cute kids stuff there is out there?  I mean c'mon.

Second, I realized that for all my shopinista, I was losing touch.  I did not find out that my beloved Zac Posen was designing for my beloved Target until his stuff was on clearance.  CLEARANCE!  (so much is wrong with that - not the least of which is that anything by Zac Posen would be on clearance).  I mean most days I go to Target I sheepishly realize I'm head to foot Target-clad - down to the bra!  How could I have missed this.

So its time to get back in game shape!  In order to do so, and in order to help my pal Zac, I had to purchase his pair of tuxedo pants.  Where will a mother of a three year old and a newborn have to wear Zac Posen tuxedo pants?  Probably nowhere.  Whatev.  That's not the point.  Here they are - in all their lovely glory (note the very cool navy blue accents for a "wait is that blue?" turn of the head from onlookers):

I only wish the jacket had still been available.  *le sigh*

So ladies and gentlemen - I'm bringing sexy back - or shopping back - or something like that.  So tune in, turn on and wait with baited breath!!

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