Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I Want Before I Die

While there are many, here are currently 10 things I want to have before I die hat I currently do not possess....

1) Judith Leiber Crystal Clutch (in some great whimsical shape)  Like this one; Or this oneOr this one,!

2) Shoes that cost over $500 and look great on me.  For instance, these.  Or these.  Or maybe these.

3) One pair of really great expensive jeans (a la True Religion, Rich & Skinny, etc)

4) A staple pair of flower diamond earrings (don't ask - I just need them) to be worn at all times.  These would work.  Or these.

5) An almost-gaudy diamond necklace.  Like this one.  Ok maybe this one is a tad too much.  Maybe not.

6) Either an old two-tone pickup truck in decent condition.  This one would work.  I like this one too.  Or an International Scout.  Like this one!  

7) A Ridley motorcycle.  This one please.  But perhaps more in this color scheme.

8) A photo session with Annie Leibovitz with makeup/hair/fashion done by the best of the best.

9) A classic Chanel suit.  Something like this.  Or this.

10) Something with blue or green diamonds in it - all the better if its antique Tiffany jewelry.  This is quite frugal really.   This is not.

So there you go.  Will I ever have any of them?  Likely not.  And if I could afford them, would I really spend the money on it?  Again - likely not.  But its still nice to have the list... just in case!


Jamie said...

I would like to see you riding one of the bikes or driving one of the pickups, wearing the expensive shoes (the tulips, preferably), wearing the Chanel suit, the diamond necklace and any of the earrings. You can be toting the clutch and the jeans, which you will don when you arrive at your destination - the photo shoot with Annie.

Amy said...

No Easter pics yet? I keep checking back......