Friday, March 20, 2009

NutriSystem - Day 14 - The Dream Is Over

Well, I just canceled my membership at NutriSystem and got a return authorization for the remainder of my food. I just can't do it anymore. I weighed in this morning UP 0.2lbs - enough was enough. And for you naysayers who tell me its not appropriate to track weight more than once a week, even if I had just weighed in each Friday, I have officially GAINED since this day last week. I am UP 0.3lbs from last week. That means one whole week making myself miserable with no results and an in fact the opposite of the desired effect. I'm done.

I'm going back to Weight Watchers. I realize it will be slow going - at least slower than I want - but it is the only thing that has worked for me. I can eat the things I want, not feel deprived and still say within my appropriate range. I'll also be throwing in an evening walk or bike ride with hubby now that things are warming up.

With all the bad effects (gas, bloating) and the bad taste (bland food, weird aftertaste, limited menu), and the concern over quality (grade of beef/chicken, no need for refrigeration, high preservative content) it was just not worth sticking with something that cost me $300 a month.

This does not mean I will be going hog wild. I will not have biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lasagna for lunch and Chicago-style pizza for dinner. For instance this morning I'm having an egg beater omelet with tomato and shredded cheese. But I will be able to be a normal person, functioning in a normal manner, and not feel either deprived, left out, or boxed in.

Overall Grade: C-
Weight GAIN s of morning weigh in: 0.2

Yes, 4lbs in 14 days is not shabby. But when you look at how it all played out, most of that loss was in the first three days and was likely merely water weight. For the money (and the misery) it just wasn't worth it for me. Best of luck to you, dear reader, should you try and make the NutriSystem Journey.

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