Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NutriSystem - Day 12

Bottom line here is that I weighed in UP 0.1 lbs today.  *sigh*  However after posting a message on the NS support boards I'm pretty convinced I'm actually not taking in enough calories and my body is in survival mode.  So today I tried to up my cals to at least 1200 and succeeded.  

There isn't anything new to review so nothing to comment on below.  I will say that as of today I'm really jonesing for SOMEthing that does NOT come in a vacuum-sealed pouch!

  • Yoplait Light
  • NS Nutrisquare Cinnamon Cereal

Morning Snack:
  • String Cheese

  • Garden Salad (no cheese)
  • Light Ranch
  • Imitation Crab 
  • Chow Mein
  • NS Fudge Graham Bar

Afternoon Snack:
  • Almonds (6)
  • Starbucks Decaf w/mocha & caramel (one pump ea)

  • NS Thick Crust Pizza
  • Green Beans

  • NS Chocolate Caramel Bar
Grade:  C+
Caloric Intake: 1227.5
Weight GAIN as of morning weigh in:  0.1 lbs
Weight lost overall:  4.2 lbs

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