Sunday, March 15, 2009

NutriSystem - Day 9

Today it all came crashing down - my delusion of 5lbs a week weight loss.  At this morning's weigh in - I GAINED .9 lbs.  Curses to yesterdays cheats!  Ok you know how you don't really miss Oreos until you have one.  Then somehow the day AFTER the Oreo is the hardest day to try and NOT have an Oreo.  Well after cheating yesterday... and then after today's REALLY disappointing weigh in ... it was very hard to get through today.  For some reason I was just CRAVING "normal" food.  Today for lunch my hubby had a bologna sandwich and my daughter had a hot dog.  It about killed me.  But I just keep reminding myself "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

  • NS Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Decaf Coffee
Ok, I've reviewed the maple brown sugar before and this one is pretty much the same with the addition of a few pieces of apple within.  

Morning Snack:
  • String Cheese

  • NS Chicken Salad
  • Wheat Bread (1 pc)
  • Water
To try and feel normal I pulled out the little foil packs of Chicken Salad.  Whatever it shows on the packet must be an artist's rendition.  It shows nice chunks of chicken - I had my light mayo and wheat bread ready to go.  Then I looked on the ingredients and found the might mayo and relish was already mixed in.  I opened the packet and pulled out a gloppy mess.  There were no flaky pieces of chicken.  There was instead a creamy-lumpy pile.  To be fair, it tasted fine.  I just needed to have a "sandwich" to feel normal.  I would have LOVED to have had some baked chips, or a cookie after but contained it.

Afternoon Snack:
  • Cherry Coke Zero
  • Peanut Butter (2tsp)
  • NS Thick Crust Pizza
  • Green Beans
  • Water
Nothin new here.  I am noticing the aftertaste of most ALL of the NS items, more and more lately.  Tonight I was kinda psycho about it and had to have my last mint crisp bar just to help get rid of the after taste for fear the standard chocolate crunch bar would leave a similar taste. I don't know if its the added fiber, whey proteins, or the preservatives (doesn't seem quite natural to have cheese and chicken breasts that don't need to be refrigerated).  Whatever it is its kinda starting to get annoying.  On top of that my hubby and family had his famous chicken out on the grill (coated with butter, butter and more butter) of which I could have none!

  • NS Mint Chocolate Crisp Bar
I'm looking forward to the day I'm done with this diet.  First just due to the hopeful weight loss goal.  Second just to be able to have normal food again.  That's starting to be my sticking point.  I'm sure I'll do better during the week at work since I'm keeping busy and since I won't have my mother bringing home bakery cakes and setting them out on the counter *eye roll*.  I have a feeling once this first month is over, I'll go back to Weight Watchers.  It is a lot more labor intensive (having to track and record points) but I get "cheat" days and I get to eat normal food. So if I'm craving a hot dog I can have one and then eat sensibly the rest of the day.  Don't get me wrong - NS is exactly what I need right now - something to jump start my better eating and to help train me that I don't need a ton of food to be full.  However once I've got it down and made a good start, I can try and handle it on my own from there.

Grade:  D
Caloric Intake: 1017.8
Weight GAINED as of morning weigh in:  0.9 lbs
Weight lost overall:  4.0 lbs

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