Friday, April 25, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Boomshine

Ok so I know I've been bloggie slacking... I get it. But everyone needs a little vacay and after months of semi-daily blogging I am there. This week was interesting with lots of good blog fodder and Coco is getting her first haircut tomorrow so I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about there as well. But for now, let me just knock out this week's CSOTW as a way to ease back into this beast.

CSOTW: Boomshine

This is a game. But before you get all "I am so not a gamer" on me ... just check it out. It was made by a couple of college students who obviously have honed the ability to waste time down to an art form (God bless em). The game is quite simple, but quite addictive. Just point your clicker anywhere in the square to release your "bubble". Once your bubble comes into contact with any colored dot, it blows that dot into a bubble. Once that bubble touches a dot .... you get the idea. Its a whole study on chain reaction. You only get that one first click to get as many dots "blown up" as you can. Each round has you attempting to get more and more dots. Seriously - don't read - just go play. Its rad. (I'm bringing Rad back by the way. Justin brought sexy back? Well I'm bringin rad back). Oh and a word to the wise... click the little "speaker" icon in the lower right corner of the "stage" to get rid of the annoying trippy music - you only get one shot to do this before you start playing. Then all you're left with is the "Super Breakout-esqe" cool electronica noises.

Why the hell is it named Boomshine? I have no idea. I can't know everything people ... unless you're my husband. And then I can.

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Sarah said...

It's 10 PM on a Saturday, I'm single, and I can't leave my house because I can't get past a level. Thank you for the tip?