Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: DocStoc

It never fails - on a Friday (ok I know its Thursday but just roll with me here) before a holiday, a hot date, or any other reason to daydream through your workday, your boss swoops into your office and tells you he needs a report, or an overview, or a masterwork on the state of the rainforests in Bali. You know, something simple. Riiight.

Or, lets say at 12:15am inspiration hits and you decide you really do want to be a professional bat guano harvester and since there aren't any in your city you figure you're a shoo in for all the business that has to be out there. But its 12:15 and your lawyer's office is closed. Um ok you don't have a lawyer. And can't afford a lawyer. But you NEED to get your company off the ground NOW.

Enter - a public repository for free legal forms and business documents. It has saved my tail a time or two and allowed me to a) get out of the office before sundown, and b) look like I have an idea what I'm doing.

It operates like a simple search engine. Just type in some keywords i.e. "budget analysis" and voila: here you go. Or, "LLC formation" and tada - faster than an angry bat you get: this!

And when you have something fabulous to share, return the good karma and upload one of your gems for the next sleepless soul!


seanp said...


Sean here from Docstoc, thanks for this great post about us. Glad we had what you were looking for.


FlippyHolz said...

You got it Sean! Thanks for having a great site! Hey... did the idea for the site come at 12:15am?? :)