Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: News of the Weird

Weird stuff happens to me all the time. I swear. My dating life alone would make fodder for a NY Times best seller (hmmmmmm....). So when I'm feeling really down about that, I turn to News of the Weird. It helps me feel like I'm not quite as weird, misguided or just plain stupid as some of these folks.

Its the online equivalent of watching Jerry Springer or going to the Iowa State Fair. You realize at once that no matter how annoying or pathetic your life is, these people are waaaay worse.

Some of the more socially acceptable stories I send around to my work teams as a little "funny of the week" pick-me-up. The rest I save for friends and family!!

So go check it out and de-weird yourself! There's new material each Sunday so you never run out of self-assuring motivation!

News of the Weird

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