Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: Day 5

So far so good. No symptoms since day 1 even thought I had cheese pizza for dinner two nights ago (bad girl, I know). Last night bumped up the dose to 3 sm scoops. Still no problems. Tonight will be my first dose of the L scoop... oooooo, ahhhhhh. We shall see. It is, of course, tough to tell if its working since you're strictly told to avoid dairy during the program. But I suppose I'll just have to be a good girl, (more or less) follow the directions and see where we go!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my brother-in-law used Lactagen and it worked!... until about 4 months later. After you're finished, if you don't keep eating dairy foods every day, results disappear. So, you gotta use it or lose it. Good luck!