Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, Please

Every time I think that I'm getting a little on the hefty side I start my usual diet-o-the-week. In order to have motivation (and visualization - which my holistic sister will tell you is very important) to stay on task I usually take a picture of what I want to end up like and put it up in prominent places (bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, etc). I've used everything from the Victoria's Secret Swimsuit catalog to a Target Ad. Just whatever I find that motivates me.

A few months ago I was flipping through some magazine or other in some waiting room (can't even remember where!) and I came across an amazing Rolex Ad. I realized that I was going about this all wrong. I had been pulling out ads of airbrushed L.A. beauties half my age and then, when in two weeks I wasn't their mirror image I got discouraged. The ad was of the most amazing silver-haired woman I'd ever seen. I realized that instead of thinking about how I
wanted to look 15 years ago, perhaps it was better to imagine what I want to aspire to years down the road - realizing that if I didn't act now, I'd never get there.

I wanted to pull out the ad, but since it was not my magazine (and since there were witnesses around) I didn't. I tried later to Google it, but not knowing the model's name it was hopeless. There are a bajillion hits for "Rolex watch magazine ad". Bummer. But then, as I sat in my tiny cabin this past weekend with my sister, I was leafing through her Town & Country and there she was! It was a Taryn Rose shoe ad and not only was I free to rip that baby right out, it actually talked about the model so I also had her name.

I've since done some research and found out the woman who, for me, holds the key to beauty in aging is named Carmen Dell'Orefice. She is an American model who holds the title of the longest continually working model in history. While that unfortunately makes her sound like an ancient John Deere, she is far from. As I Googled and Wiki'ed her for more info I was amazed at how beautiful she was (and always had been). So, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is my new aspiration. Not to look like an 18 year old now, but to aspire to look something like this as I age. Now I am quite aware that I don't have ice blue eyes, or cheekbones like knives. That's not the point. The point is that it is not impossible to say trim, fashionable, and beautiful as you age. Oh, and in case you're curious, Ms. Dell'Orefice is currently 77 years old.

The Ad that Inspired me

The Ad I Rediscovered

Some other beautiful photos

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