Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok so the only point to today's blog is to point out that HAPPYTIME(tm) has officially begun!!!

I love this time of the year. It is by far and away my favorite. I love the snow (only for a bit!), I love the lights, I love the hustle and bustle, I love giving presents, I love getting presents, I love the food, I love the clothes, I love the fact that everyone is nicer to each other - if even only for a day.

And now this year I'll have even more to love - Christmas with a little Coco by my side. She's finally old enough this year to be able to get in on the excitement. I doubt she'll be toooo thrilled about all the presents just yet, but she'll sense that something cool is happening and get in on the family excitement.

I can't wait to let her have her first hot chocolate, her first Christmas dinner, her first Christmas candy... the list goes on and on. And to kick it all into high gear, today she will the get the chocolate out of the very first day of her very first advent calendar! For a little girl who almost never gets sweets, unless its an apple or an orange, this should be good! The bad part will come when she wants "mo pees" (more please) and then where will I be? Defile the advent calendar or hurt some very small feelers. I'll probably buckle like an old ladder. But you know what - that is exactly what HappyTime is all about --- doing more, staying up later, eating too much, being happy and full and decadent. And I love it!!!

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