Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dig It

Ok, if you know me, you know I am not Oprah's biggest fan (can I even say that out loud - will a Harpo Studios helicopter descend on my house at 3 a.m. now??). However, today while perusing CNN I got accidentally linked to an article from her magazine - and LOVED it. To be clear - it was not written by Oprah (thank God). It was written by one Ms. Lisa Kogan. Its a discussion of all those snarky little comments, clueless questions, or just plain mean digs that have come her way over the years (culminating in what she refers to as "The Question That Must Never Be Posed to Any Woman, Ever" which she was asked just three weeks after delivering her first child).

I'm posting the link at the end of this blog for your perusal just because its too good to miss. Its an easy and fun read with a bit of a zen message in there somewhere.

In the spirit of the article, I will share my own "most memorable" snark - and while I do think it may fall into the "clueless" category, it still made the top of my list:

I was about 6 months pregnant. During my pregnancy I had been lucky enough to have a friend/co-worker who was also going through her first pregnancy and we were about 3 weeks apart. One day we decided to go across the street to Starbucks for a treat (decaf of course - don't send me emails). We got our coats on and hopped on the elevator. Another lady had happened to be waiting for an elevator at the same time and got on with us. Things were politely quiet for a second until the lady spoke up. Looking at my friend she said "I have seen you around and I just have to tell you, you are just the most adorable pregnant lady I've ever seen! You're like a toothpick that swallowed an orange!". My friend graciously thanked her and made some comment or other about not feeling very much like a toothpick. Then things went quiet again. I sat there in the corner of the elevator feeling rather awkward and quite a bit like chopped liver. There I was, my cheeks matching the color of my red mohair coat ... the non-most-adorable pregnant woman ever. Once we got off the elevator and my friend and I separated from the other woman, my friend tried to smooth over my ruffled feathers by telling me "I'm sure she didn't even know you were pregnant! That's why she didn't say anything!" Maybe. Or maybe not. We'll never know. And I'll always wonder.

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