Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nutri System Take Two - Review

Once again spring is upon us.  So of course once again that means diet time.  After much consideration and weighing of options, I decided on Nutri System.  I had done NS once before about 2.5 yrs ago with great results weight-wise (13lbs in a month) but not so great results otherwise.  What do I mean?  I thought the food was horrid (cardboard and sand as I called it) and I was so hungry ALL the time that, well lets just say I was not a cheerful wife to be around.

So why give it another go?  First, I've heard the food has improved.  Second, I have, since the last time around, become very familiar with diet food and realized most of it is cardboard and sand so you just cope.  Third, I can't argue with the results I got - and that is the bottom line.

When I was thinking of signing back on I looked and looked for reviews of the food.  The only comprehensive one I could find was sponsored by NS itself!  Sooo I decided why not review everything as I go.  I plan to track what I eat each day, how I feel, and how much I'm losing.  I'd like to ultimately lose 20 lbs. 

Today is day one so look for a post tomorrow on today's big start!!

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