Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's Talk About Nails Again - Specifically JAMBERRY!

Ok - so you guys know I did the full run on Shellac vs Axxium.  And the Shellac was generally great.  The upside was shiny, strong, non chip polish for weeks.  The down side was the cost of getting all the gear to do it at home, the cost of the polish, the limited number of colors, the time it took to remove them and the limited ability to do any kind of nail art.

Well.  this past October a friend threw an online Jamberry party.  I had heard the name bandied about but hadn't really paid much attention to it.  But I "attended" just as an act of support for my friend.  During the party the rep made these outrageous claims like:  These things will last 2+ weeks on fingers and 4+ weeks on toes; these things will not chip and fade; these things are made in the USA, non toxic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free; these things have ZERO dry time and take about 15 mins to apply.    I was all "oh surrrrreee".   But I'm a bit of a sucker, so I tried some.  And I. was. hooked.  HOOKED.  Addicted.  Head over heels.  In love.  End of story.

So I did what any reasonable lady would do - I signed up as a consultant for the discount.  But once my friends started hearing about these things and seeing me with them on for weeks at time THEY wanted to know more and THEY were hooked.  So now I have a lovely little team of 7 gals, and have advanced through the ranks to Senior Lead Consultant with another promotion in view.  Crazy huh??  But I LOVE them.  And they do what they SAY they do!!!  And the team I work (my larger team) is an amazing group of kind and caring women.  Totally WIN WIN!

If you want to try them out let me know!  Or better yet, book your own Facebook party here and never leave your couch while earning FREE Jamberry because - FREE!

Here are a few of my recent "Jamicures" (and get ready to squeee - they make a "juniors" line for our littlest divas!!).  Find all of them here:

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