Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In case you haven't noticed the 74 references included in various blog posts of late, let me share with you that Cora is getting her baby teeth. I think baby teeth is a relative term. The very first ones she got were her bottom two which came in almost simultaneously. They were so tiny I marveled at how they would be used to chew anything. They were cute and perched perfectly at the apex of her little gumline, smack in the middle of her mouth and nestled side by side like little ivory twins. How adorable! Then came her top teeth.

Let me start by saying that great teeth do not run in my family. Not that you'd know it to look at us now. My mom has had caps, veneers and bridgework. My sister has had braces, retainers and mouth-roof stretchers (seriously). I have had 9 teeth pulled (yes I actually DO have a small mouth - shocker), braces, rubber bands and retainers. All of this so we weren't referred to as 'Bucky' at 30 years-old in a business meeting. Unfortunately little Coco got our dental genes. Her top two teeth are about the size of Chiclets; are well in front of the apex of her uppper gumline (i.e. appear to be just about growing out of her top lip); and are so far apart they should each have their own zip code. *sigh* Not as adorable.

Her little chiclets are not all the way down yet - they just finally broke through this weekend (after threatening to for days). Maybe they'll smoosh together as they come down. Maybe they'll get closer after other teeth demand some space. But in the meantime, I just can't imagine my perfect, beautiful, little cover-baby angel with hee haw teeth. Yikes. Everyone keeps telling me "well these are just the baby teeth - it won't mean a thing." Um it will mean something to her for the next five to six years. And what would make me think her permanent teeth would decide to straighten up with their predecessors setting such bad examples. One can only hope they'll have the courage to break the cycle of insanity.

So until more teeth come in, or - poor baby - braces make their debut, my little angel will just have to deal with teeth that give her "character". Did I mention that my whole family, as well as Hubby, all had glasses by their teens? Braces and glasses - she's doomed. My poor, poor child. She had no idea what gene pool she was swimming into!

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Our Family said...

I laughed out loud reading this one Kristi! Don't worry - with her beautiful hair and gorgeous complexion no one will ever notice a little crooked tooth or two - I promise!!