Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Banshee

Cora is currently going through her Banshee phase. Most of the time she is a happy, sweet, mild mannered little girl. Then it comes time to change either her clothes or her diaper and all hell breaks loose. She screams, she cries, she yells. Oddly enough she doesn't try to get away like most toddlers her age - she just lays there and gets herself into a tizzy. Since hubby is the one that gets her up and ready in the mornings, that means that each morning I usually wake not to an alarm clock but to a screaming, crying baby. Not a great way to start your day. And then each night and bedtime we have that to look forward to when getting her into her jammies.

I posted a plea for help on my local "mommies board" and got the most bizarre comments. Everything ranging from women sure she had a "sensory disorder" to possible allergies (laundry detergent or fabric softener - even though she's fine every other minute of the day) to telling me to set her boundaries and spank her when she acts out like that (ah seriously?) to women saying I should allow her to pick out her own outfit (ahhhh she's 10months - she would grab the nearest thing handy and chew on it). So I'm nowhere closer to a solution. My mom friends say its a phase, but its one that's been going on and getting worse since she was about 6 m/o. Hubby and I are just worn out with it!

And of course we have a ton of family coming into town since Coco is getting baptised this weekend - yes she is 10 m/o and just now getting baptised, much to the severe embarrassment and trauma of my hubby. He is sure everyone in the church will think we are monsters for waiting so long. Meh. Whatev. I couldn't care less about all that. The real issue for me is that she is going to wail like a banshee either when she gets "sprinkled" or when the pastor tries to walk her down the aisle to show her to the congregation. And did I mention she's already crabby cuz she's sick..... again..... Oh Lo'. Lo Lo hep me.


Amy said...

Guess won't last.....before ya know it she'll be 10 & picking out her own clothes!! Enjoy each little phase. ;-) And yes, I said ENJOY'll look back with such fond memories one day............aaaahhhhhhh.

Nett said...

We have diaper wrestlemania at our house too ;-)

Our Family said...

Your not alone Kristi!!! Elle has been hating getting changed too!! I have to practically sit on her to get her to hold still and as for the screaming/crying like she's being stabbed I have no idea what to do about that :) I guess most of the time I just laugh b/c I don't know what else to do!! :) ...maybe someday we can catch up :(