Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Wrong And Yet So Right

Cora has been sick again. Just an icky virus, so says the doctor, but we did keep her home from "school" yesterday just to be nice to the other families (not that anyone else at daycare ever extends the same courtesy when their kid is sick ... but I digress). I know when she is sick I'm supposed to feel super bad about it and want her to get better right away and yadda yadda yadda. And I do - kinda. The problem is that she is sooooooo cute when she's sick!

The night I knew something was wrong was Monday night. Now that Cora has her new found mobility there is no slowing her down and even when being held she doesn't want to sit or stay too still. So Monday night when she started to fuss quietly on the floor and rub at her nose, I picked her up ready to deal with the "squirmies". Instead she put her little head against my chest and laid her arms around me - she just rested like that while I walked around the house doing little chores (one-handed chores but still). It was soooooo sweet to just have that little adorable face resting on my chest listening to my heart beat. She was more than content to just hang with mommy until bedtime about 20 minutes later.

During bedtime she could barely keep her eyes open long enough to get a little Tylenol (after we had taken her temp and saw she had a fever) and finish her bottle. She curled up in my arms and nodded off to dreamland. To top it all off, Cora is a good "sick" baby - she doesn't ever get too unhappy and she sleeps well even when sick. A little Tylenol and some baby Vicks on her feet before bed and she's happy as a snoozy clam.

So while I do obviously want her to recover and get back to being able to scoot around full force... I just don't want it to happen toooooooo soon.

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Our Family said...

Oh how sweet - I wish Elle were like that! She takes things the opposite direction :) I hope she feels better soon!!