Friday, May 23, 2008

West Des Moines House For Sale

I missed my 100th blog post! Serially! This is it -- I wasn't ready for it!! This totally sucks... it should have been cause for a major bloggy celebration and some sort of funny yet tender look-back over the past 100 posts. Crap. I coulda been sooo Barbara Walters (without the annoying attitude) . But nooooo, it had to sneak up on me unbeknownst to me until logging on today and doing the math. Crap again..

Soooo instead, I will shamelessly plug my own interests in that Hubby and I pulled the trigger and put the house on the market, so if you - or anyone you know... or anyone you think you know ... or anyone you don't know yet, but could use this as an inroad - is looking for a house in the West Des Moines, IA area.... here you are. The perfect abode!

Nutshell: Almost 3000 sq ft of finished space (2200+ on main and top floors). 4Br including oversized master with his-n-hers walk-ins, 3.5Ba including walk-in tiled shower in MBR. Totally updated kitchen with new floors, stainless appliances, fixtures, and lights. All new paint in every room, updated main floor bath and foyer with tile throughout both. Professionally landscaped backyard showcasing mature trees with terracing down to small creek.

Post a message if you're interested or want a spec sheet to pass along!


Amy said...

Holy Cow.....and you're selling???

FlippyHolz said...

Yeah... we want to get a little closer to Ryan's job (about a 45 min drive each way everyday) and there is a nice little city outside of DSM that a lot of friends our ours live already. But it will be hard to find everything we already have a price we can afford! :)