Monday, May 19, 2008

Won't Power

Ok, so if you have been watching carefully you’ll have noticed that my regular Tuesday Weight Watcher’s entries have gone the way of the Dodo. I did get 10lbs off… but that is where I have since stayed. Not by any fault of WW… no it’s totally by my own hand. Or mouth more rather. I just don’t have willpower anymore. I look nice in my clothes… I’ve gone down one size… I feel better. So now I just don’t have the motivation to deny myself things I shouldn’t have to shed those last 10lbs and go down one size more.

For instance, today was a co-worker’s birthday. His supervisor brought in a sheet cake and three kinds of homemade cookies (choc chip, peanut butter and sugar). Knowing full well I should take a very small piece of cake from the center (less frosting) and one small cookie, I instead took a corner piece of cake and one of each of the three kinds of cookies. Nice.

On top of that, as I was eating said frosting fest, I was bumped and my piece of cake fell to the floor with a splat. Now if I had willpower that would have been a sign to me that I needed to stop. Instead, I rather took that as a sign that I needed more cake. So instead of having one piece of sugar-laden goodness, I had one and a half. Argh.

Most days I’m ok with where I am. But then I remember that part in The Devil Wears Prada where Anne’s character says “I’m a size six” to which the industry insider says “Oh, the new [size] 14”. Ouch. Oh well… right now I’m too comfortable on my sugar high to much care.

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