Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: Day 20(ish)

Ok so I'm away from my handy little chart that tells me what day I'm on but I think its around day 20 somewhere. Bottom line is that I'm up to 1L scoop in the mornings with breakfast and 4L scoops with dinner. Taking the Lactagen with breakfast is tricky for me since I don't sit and eat breakfast at home. I usually get something here at work - so that means I have to take a nice little vial of white powder into my office each morning and mix it with my water. I'm waiting for DEA to show up at my door.

I hadn't had any issues starting the Lactagen with breakfast -- until today. This afternoon I had some typical LI symptoms... bloating, pain and some diarrhea (so fun at work). I think a fair amount of the problem is that I'm now on a carb-free diet with a strict menu so that each meal is spelled out for you. Today's lunch was pastrami slices with cheese so I had 1 slice of American and 2 of Swiss. I did take Lactaid however, but I'm really not sure how Lactaid interacts with the whole Lactagen program. I'm don't know if it messes everything up or what. Perhaps I should call customer service and ask... I'll do that this evening. Ideally I would not be on this diet right now but I have to be in a swimsuit in 10 days people - drastic times... drastic times.

I'll post back in a few days....


Sangita said...

It's been more than a few days - I need an update! I know you're not even thru the Lactagen 34 days before the last 4 "dairy days", but the suspense is killing me. I am sitting on my couch suffering the pains of an egg & cheese croissant had yesterday (even after i swore last week that I would not indulge in dairy again). Went thru the cramps, nausea and immediate burping (beer-belching) last nit. Still feeling the cramps this morning, while my husband and I listen to the sounds of Spike, the critter I believed to be living in my belly until I found out I was blessed with LI... enjoying the rest of your blog tho :)

FlippyHolz said...

Thanks - hubby and I are on vacay right now (this weekend) which btw is another hard way to stay on this darn program... but as soon as we're back I'll give an update!