Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Commandments

I was responding to a friend's email this morning and cited one of my own personal "commandments". I figured that would make a nifty blog post, so here ... in no particular order ... are my 10 Commandments. (I'm quite sure there are more than 10 but these are the first ones that came to mind!)

1) Thou shalt never pass up an amazing sale

2) Thou shalt never leave thy home looking like a mug shot

3) Use of Spandex shall be confined to undergarments and swimwear

4) Thy perfect-fitting pair of jeans shall be deemed “worth it” no matter the cost

5) Thou shall not raid thy daughter’s closet – ever.

6) Diane von Furstenberg and Nanette Lepore shall do no wrong

7) Thou shalt not ever be too old to wear heels – at least on occasion

8) Thou shalt never dye thy hair to the point of “helmet head” as thou age

9) Honor thy jewelry-giving husband

10) Thou shalt understand thy age and dress appropriately therefore

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