Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: My Food Diary

You would think with fall approaching, I wouldn't be as worried about those few pounds that seem to be way too attached to me. I mean its not bikini season. But alas, even hiding under sweaters and corduroy I can't escape the annoying knowledge that those pounds are there.

Enter My Food Diary! Endorsed by the Wall Street Journal and Martha Stewart (just to name a few), for those of you who have used Weight Watcher's online and loved the food tracking ability - this place is for you. Less expensive to join and maintain than WW, but still a lot of the goodies you want. It has a large database of both generic food items (i.e. "steamed rice") along with name brand and restaurant fare.

While it obviously won't track "points" for you - it will tell you daily how much you've consumed in the way of calories, fats, sodium, cholesterol, etc etc. It simply helps raise your consciousness around your daily eating which is where so many of us go astray.

So sign up, log in, track and lose! Or at least here's hopin!

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