Friday, October 3, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Wallcandy Arts

Ok, so we'd like our pads to look like something out of a hip design magazine. Unfortunately for many of us that means going horribly wrong trying to hand paint a design on a wall in the kids' room, the rec room or, God forbid, the bathroom. These usually end up looking more like a 4th grade art project than a layout for MoCo Loco.

Well never fear - wallcandy arts is here! These great surface graphics and wall stickers are hip, trendy and even into the fun land of kitsch. And don't worry about morning after regret. As the company says:
All of our stickers are reusable and won't damage walls. Ready for a change? Peel it off and reconfigure it, put it in a different room, or adhere it to the backing to store it away for when the mood strikes!
They have a ton of celeb followers (my bff, Heidi Klum being one) so you know you're in good company.

Feeling super artsy or wanting to bring out the inner artist in your little one? Use their Chalkboard Graphics! This is one of my personal faves - fun yet classy!

So go on and get stickering. You haven't had this much fun with stickers since scratch and sniff pizza stickers in 5th grade. (Ok we won't mention that weird phase you and whatshisname went through).

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Allison from WallCandy said...

Hey thanks so much for that post. It's an honor to be your Cool Site of the Week!

We're having a Columbus Day sale on Monday. The coupon code is: COLUMBUSRULZ good all day for 15% off on

It was meant for our newsletter subscribers but everyone who reads your blog is welcome to use it too.