Sunday, January 13, 2008

The End of An Era

Ok a really, really short era. I have gone off the wagon. I quit the cleanse. I'm sorry to everyone who was checking in - especially Wendy. I'd like to blame it on a lot of things... either it being too harsh, my body being too reactive to it, opinions of those who think its "dangerous" or "quack medicine" but the bottom line is I just flat out couldn't do it. By the end of today I was freezing cold even with fleece pajamas, a t shirt and socks on (our house temp is set at 72), I was uber crabby, I was tired but not able to sleep, my joints were aching pretty badly and it felt like my lungs had a rubber hose around them. All signs that I probably really needed the cleanse but it was too much for me. My health guru has already forgiven me and noted that it is not for everyone - but sadly Sephora gift cards, I bid you a fond adieu.

For anyone out there thinking of the diet, I would suggest you either try and take a week's vacation and do it that way (if you work outside the home) or that you really mentally prep for everything it will entail. The forum boards at are helpful - I wish I had looked at them before I started. Plus, it helps to have folks out there going through it at the same time you are. I tried to make a couple posts but unfortunately you have to be approved by the mods first and I'm still waiting (day late, dollar short) so do that ahead of time. Sometimes you need immediate support. I also would not suggest this for someone who has led a VERY unhealthy lifestyle, someone who is on prescription medications or someone with small children (it just saps too much of your energy).

This evening when I called it quits I had some chicken-flavored ramen. My "eliminations" have slowed way down but are still mostly water (to be expected I suppose). After the ramen I crashed hard for about an hour and a half. When I woke up the chills were horrible and the joint pain really bad. I took some ibuprofen and am feeling better but I'm pretty sure I won't be trying this again anytime soon. My health guru thinks the Candida diet is a better alternative for me and will give me all the results I want with a strict regimen but one that at least allows me to eat. :) Bring it on!


Our Family said...

I totally understand why you decided not to follow through!!! I wouldn't have lasted a day and you made it 2! go get a latte! :)

Copper Dog said...

There are 3 day cleanses that might be a good way to start and they are juice cleanses, so you get to 'eat' or at least have enough energy to stay warm. :)

The main thing is that you tried!