Saturday, January 19, 2008

Da Da? Ahhh Ma Ma

Milestones are such a fun part of your baby's development; laughing, smiling, babbling, first words. Apparently though, its God's little joke on us moms that for most babies, the first parent who gets a shout out is Da Da. Language experts will tell you that Da Da is much easier for a baby to say than the difficult M sound required for MaMa. I think that sucks.

After hours and hours of conversations that went like this:
Can you say MaMa?
Can you say MaMa?
Can you say MaMa?
(silent stare)

We got this:
Can you say Da Da?
DA DA! Da da da da da da

So uncool. And now, to top it all off, we're up to "Hi Da!" I can at least take some solace in the understanding that she has no idea who "Da" is and that she says "hi da" to the cat, her stuffed zebra and her toes, but still.

So we continue to work on MaMa along with being proud of and encouraging all the DaDas and Hi Da's we get. Someday my MaMa will come and when it does I live in the thought that the hardest earned spoils are the sweetest!

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Our Family said...

Oh man I can't believe she's talking already! How awesome! It'll be so great to hear Elle utter her first little words. Before you know it she'll be speaking sentances :) Hope all is well! Jen