Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creepy Coincidence or Divine Special Order?

My mom reminded me this weekend of an event I'd quite forgotten. Many years ago I had moved into my first apartment. I'm not sure if I was lonely, or starting to feel the twangs of looking toward motherhood, but I found these adorable dolls that you could actually special order. You could choose the face, hair, coloring, etc etc. Even though they were expensive I decided to get one. When she arrived I was amazed at how lifelike she was. I named her Maggie and took some "new mommy" photos of her to share with my family and friends.

After a few months I realized that a 20-something single girl didn't have a lot of use for a collectible, life-like doll. I sold Maggie on eBay hoping she'd go to a good home. Within a few weeks I had all but forgotten about her, heartless as that may sound. At least until this weekend.

For some reason my mom had remembered Maggie and even without the photos commented on how Cora looked the way she remembered Maggie looking. As coincidence would have it, a couple weekends ago I transferred a bunch of old files (including photos I wanted to keep) from an old computer I had sitting around onto my laptop. After getting my mom's email, I searched until I found the sub-folder titled "Mags" under the aptly titled "my old crap" folder.

The minute I pulled up the first photo I was astonished. I called my husband in and explained the story - then showed him the photos. He was actually freaked out by how similar they looked. Below are some photos of "Maggie"....

And now my Cora:

I don't think anyone can deny they at least resemble each other. More likely, I think most people would have the same reaction my husband did. So, what's the explanation? Was it just an odd, creepy coincidence? Was I so in touch with my genetic makeup that I inherently knew what my offspring would look like? Do I have some sort of paranormal view into the future? Or was God watching and said "Hmmm, yeah I think you may have it right there - I'll send the real deal down for you when you're ready"? Who knows.
I feel a little sad now - wondering where "Maggie" is - if she went to a good home - if they kept her or if she was shuffled around yet again. I almost feel now like I gave up the "mold" for my future child... as if it was something I should have kept and treasured and shown Cora. I know I'll never know what happened to "Maggie" but hopefully wherever she is, she's making some little girl, (or big girl) as happy as Cora makes me.

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