Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's Golden

Wow - so here it is... my 50th official blog post. My "golden" post. Who'da thunk it. Not me. I can't even commit to flossing everyday so I never really thought I'd keep up with daily (for the most part) blogging.

Buuuut having said that... I can say that my umph is starting to wane a bit. Its becoming harder to find topics. For instance, had today not been my 50th post (convenient) I would have been forced to choose between writing about waking up with yet another cold this morning, buying our first familymobile this past weekend (Buick Enclave), or the fact that at 34 years old I finally signed up for FaceBook (is that creepy?).

Plus, each day I check my "hits" for the prior day and lets just say I don't have the readership of say, CNN. Included on my "hits" page is a little map of the world showing hits. I have no (zero zip nada) hits out of the US. Not that I guess I would think that would be expected... but it would be cool. :)

I dunno - maybe its time to go ahead and let this be what it is - a blog about Cora for my family and friends who are interested and leave it at that. Maybe I should cut back to weekly blogging. But the little part of me who uses writing as an escape and hobby would feel defeated I think if I did that. So I suppose for now I'll keep on keepin' on and continually reevaluate. But I swear if my hits drop to single digits I'm outta here. :)

(p.s. - to pull you all into my international obsession, I added a visual "clustermap" indicator off to the right.... once a little dot shows up outside the US you can help me do the happy dance. see... interactive blogging!)


Amy said...

Oh please, please don't quit blogging or go to once a week. You don't know how much Danielle & I look forward to your daily posts. She's even got her sister hooked on reading your blog now too. Turst me it doesn't have to be profound.....writing about the everyday stuff is the BEST! So keep it up......from one of your faithful followers! Ha!

Our Family said...

Love the cluster map thingy....I didn't even know you could do that! Of course I love reading about Cora and Ryan, but enjoy your little antics on the everyday and mundane too! Have a great week :) Jen

Anonymous said...

Don't quit, you are keeping me sane and making me laugh while on maternity leave. :-)


Copper Dog said...

Wait - you can check hits? Holy cats. Good thing I have no idea how to do it. I'm confident the hits on my blog are is the subzero range. :)