Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daddy’s Graduation Day

Yesterday was a big day for Daddy and Cora. It was the first time they had been on their own for more than a couple of hours. I had to be out of the state all day for work, leaving very early in the morning and returning well after Coco went to bed. It was up to Daddy to get her up, get her dressed, get her to her care provider’s, get to work, pick her up at the end of the day, get her home, get her dinner, have playtime, put her to bed, get himself dinner and clean up her bottles from the day. Whew.

I am happy to report that Daddy aced his day like a pro. Cora was resting sweetly when I got home at 7:45pm and Daddy was working away on his computer. The bottles were cleaned up, Cora had gotten dinner and he even said she had been in a great mood all night (of course I’m sure he meant great mood except for that part where she missed mommy terribly). On top of it all, since I had had a long day (over 8 hours through 3 states in a rental Prius on icy roads) he had tried to tell me to go to bed and that he would get up with Cora anytime she had a “paci call”. As adorable as that was, I knew he had had a long day too and that was not fair so I tried to split them with him – but I’m not sure how many I woke up for. He’s been hopping up so quick in the night lately that I don’t even hear her stir! Have I mentioned I have the best husband in the world?

Since my job will be bringing increasing travel throughout the year (at least once a quarter) it makes me feel so great to know that Daddy can handle this baby stuff hands down. They say that over time, love changes from strong swings of passion to constant feelings of joy and contentment. That roses and candy give way to gentle smiles and a soft touch... that extravagant gifts give way to thoughtful gestures… that surges of butterflies give way to happiness and security. I don’t know if I agree with allll of that (I still get butterflies plenty of times when I think of or see my hubby) but I can tell you that the deepest love I feel for him often comes at the simplest times: when he’s playing and laughing with our daughter, when he goes out unasked in icky weather just because I don’t feel good and want soup, when he’s changing a little bottom and making funny faces/voices to keep her entertained, when he offers to take her out on his errands instead of me taking her on mine because he secretly wants to show her off, when he brings me a magazine home from the grocery store just because he thought I’d like it, when he doesn’t think I’m listening and tries his hardest to get Coco to say “hi mama”. Needless to say, knowing that I can feel completely confident now in leaving my daughter on those days when I’m forced to takes me to a whole new level of admiration and love. Tending to a little one’s every need is not easy (can I get an AMEN stay-at-home moms??) and to know that a father’s love is just as strong as a mother’s is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Now if we can just keep her asleep in long enough stretches at night to enjoy the fruits of his labor….


Our Family said...

must be somethin in the name....mine is just as great! Aren't we lucky :)

Holz said...

You know...an itsy bitsy amount of whisky in that bottle might help that little one snooze longer. Enjoy the fruits of his loin....I mean labor! (I hope everyone knows I'm joking about the whisky)