Sunday, February 3, 2008

Point Binge

Ok so I had either met or been under my points everyday this week (even when my horribly cruel friend made me eat one of her homemade scotcheroos - do you have ANY idea how many points are in that - a lot). So I had saved up my 35 points for dinner last night. Yes, for one meal, one day. Hubby and I were joining friends at an eclectic little french bistro downtown (and when I say little I mean it - they have about 15 tables tops). The night was all in all a nice one since we had great company and a nice meal (note I say nice - not fantastic) but the rest of the event was a bust.

First, when we got there, all three of the waitstaff were at the bar snipping at each other about the "featured cocktail of the night". I have no idea what could be so at issue over such a matter but they were all quite pissy about it. After standing at the maitre de desk for quite some time they finally decided we were worthy enough to be waited on. We let the man know that we were about 15 mins early for our reservation and waiting for the other couple to arrive but would be happy to sit at the bar. He looked at us as if we had wasted his energy for the 10foot walk over to us and simply said "ok then sit at the bar" before walking off. Grrr.

After our friends arrived and we were seated it took about another 30 mins just for one of the waitstaff to take our order (two of the three kept stopping over saying it would be "just another minute" as if they didn't even know who's table it was). Finally the female told us apologetically that either dessert or a drink would be on the house. About this time the male came over and told her he would take our table to which she replied "good - I need a minute." Nice to feel loved. We placed our order and waited. And waited. And waited. Tables of people who had come in, waited at the bar, been seated and ordered AFTER we were seated had eaten, departed and the tables were reset. By the time we got our meals (with no mention of the wait much less apology) the restaurant was almost empty.

The food was average especially for the price. Dinner for the four of us was over $200.00 (and of course, our drinks had NOT been comped even though we had been told they would be). I had been so excited to spend my points on some great decadent food and I didn't even finish what was on my plate. When time for dessert finally came (which I had been dreaming of all week) it was so late that no one had the umph to stick around even longer just for a taste of something sweet.

The up side is that since I didn't eat even half of what I ordered, and since I did try and order somewhat carefully I only used 25 points last night. Of course my daily allotment is 21 but if you add in the 35 I was still way under. Now of course I doubt the WW folks really encourage people to spend all 35 extra points in one sitting... but hey... they never said I couldn't. So I guess the lesson here is that if you're gonna be a glutton, make sure you have something worth being gluttonous over. Like homemade scotcheroos.

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