Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weight Watcher's Weigh In - Week Three

So my weigh in was today. I knew that most likely I had gotten overconfident after two weeks of respectable loss. I could just sense it deep down. Plus I knew my V-day meal (though wonderful) was not going to be helpful. Plus this past week was the first week I ever went over my points. I went one point over on Saturday.

I just had a sense of dread queing up to get on the scale. To make matters worse, our team leader had the scale readout (designed to be mobile so that you can put it discreetly somewhere away from prying eyes) out in the open for everyone to behold. Annnd just to add insult to injury I was running 5 mins late for weigh in - just as I stepped in the door I saw a lady take the last box of mint cookie crisp bars. Now that is no joke - I need those to live. They didn't have them last week so I stretched out my remaining box like a 90 year-old depression era survivor. I thought about tackling the woman and taking the last box back, but figured that was not a good way to garner support in the group.

So, cookieless, late, and dread-laden I hopped up on the public-view scale. I lost all of .2 lbs. Not two pounds mind you - POINT two pounds. Argh. It was almost a slap in the face to have my name called during the meeting as having reached the five-pound mark. In three weeks. Great. On top of that the team leader (who is a little older, and has a hearing aid - no kidding) asks in front of the whole meeting "so how much have you lost now". To which I had to say "Um just right at the 5. 5.0. Yup." Niiiiice.

Needless to say I had salad for lunch and am having chicken breast for dinner with no treats after. By God I will get on track for next week. At least with no major dining events and plenty of healthy food now stocked in the fridge, if I don't I deserve what I get. Even in public.


Amy said...

WTG on the loss. Every little bit counts, ya know!

mrstoad271 said...

That is great - 5lbs - I just think of it as a bag of sugar. I just started back to WW a couple of weeks ago - want to lose some extra holiday pounds before we take Mom to Florida in April. I know you can do it if I can - it took me over a year to lose 50lbs but I have kept it off. I really believe WW works. I have some really good recipes I can share with you.

FlippyHolz said...

Thanks! I never thought about like that (a bag of sugar). That's a cool way to look at it lady! I would love the recipes too!

Sam said...

OK, as a WW success story, let me give you the skinny (no pun intended) on how the process has gone for both myself and one of my best friends--E.

Do NOT get discouraged. I realize this is tough to swallow (again, no pun intended). Believe me! When I first started the plan I lost about 10 lbs. in the first month -- BUT, I had a lot more to lose than I'm quite confident you do (a total of 60-65 lbs.), so of course people like me, when we change our eating habits drastically, are going to see the results -- at first.

I then went about 3 weeks without losing even .2 lbs, despite being absolutely perfect. Then, to really add insult to injury, despite my following the program exactly, GAINED weight. Yeah, you heard me. I gained like 8 lbs.

At this point I'm crying and screaming and thinking I am never, ever going to be able to get this weight off. Then E. lets me in on what happened to her. She said she went 3 months without losing an ounce -- same pattern as me -- only then her body started to ease into this new way of living (she and I are both carb/sweet addicts)and let the weight go. She's lost 30 lbs.

After another 2-3 weeks of not losing anything, the weight just started to fall off. I swear! It was so horrible during that 6 weeks, but I can now say that I have lost 40 lbs., and am on my ay toward losing the rest.

So I repeat: do NOT get discouraged. Feel free to write to me and bemoan your fate, but just stay on track and allow yourself to go over your points from time to time. They're there for you to use, not to store.

I can also say that the only way I've been able to survive the lack of serious baked goods in the house is to have my freezer stocked with WW desserts. And, I will plug them: they're wonderful!! :)

I hope my mini-book helps! I know I feel completely different and am still in awe when I look at the numbers on the scale. Hang in there! You're doing GREAT! :)