Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mommy's Day Off

Friday I had my post Valentine's Day, day off! I got up at 6:20 to help hubby get little scoots ready and out the door. At 7:33, against my better judgement (in a wonderful way) I went upstairs, promptly changed back into my pjs and went back to bed. At 9:20 I decided I had darn well better start my day.

My "to do" list was long and I knew I was likely not going to get it all done before 4:15 when I had to go get Coco from 'school'. But by golly I was going to do my level best. So, here is what I accomplished Friday: Cleaned/straightend the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and Coco's room; emptied the dishwasher; refilled/ran the dishwasher; cleaned all Coco's bottles; changed Coco's sheets; uploaded and sent out photos of Coco; updated my blog (good girl!); packed away Coco's outgrown clothes for storage; transfered all my old files from my junky computer to my new fancy laptop (ok so the laptop is a year old and I'm just getting around to this). WOW! Yay me.

At 2:00 I came to a conundrum... I could either take a nap (yay) or get more things finished off my list (kinda yay). For the first time in a while I got selfish... when would I get this chance again? Not anytime soon. So at 2:25 I climed BACK in bed and woke up at 3:50 just in time to get ready and get out the door for Scoots. There were about 7 things I did not get done (boo me) but at least the first floor of my house looked like the place I used to live 9 months ago and I was a well rested happy camper. It was heavenly.

So, as much as I'd love to do this once a month, both my job and my sensabilities won't let me I imagine. So, for now I'll just cherish the best V-day gift I've ever given myself, and try not to sigh too deeply when the house - in a day or two no doubt - returns to its state of chaos.

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