Friday, February 15, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Pancake Meow

Ok so everyone needs a little kitch in thier lives. Remember the cool girl in grade school - the one who had every single great smelling Strawberry Shortcake doll? She had the hard to find smelly stickers? She even had scented erasers. Well get even now at Pancake Meow.

This gal hand-makes amazingly realistic foodie charms that SMELL as good as they look! No kidding. I have a cinnamon roll necklace as proof. There are also ADORABLE french and asian imports (mugs, toys, etc) to peruse so make sure you don't miss those.

Two warnings .... First, the gal can only make so many at one time so they sell out FAST. Especially the customizable items where you pick your own "flavor" (scent) so make sure you check back or get on the email list if you want something. Second (and this is a biggie) these are handmade so note the fine print in the FAQs that these sometimes can take weeks to make into your greedy little hands.

So what are you waiting for:

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