Thursday, February 14, 2008

So Far So Not Good

Ok today is V-day. The day I’ve looked forward to alllll week. The day of joy and love and sunshine. Whatev. First of all, once again hubby slept through his shift and so at 1:30 I had to stumble out of bed to plug little scoots back in. An appropriate start to today I was to find out.

So this morning I get little scoots all ready in her cute little V-day outfit and need to take a photo to send to the fam. Normally my little angel is a ham for the camera and grins up a storm. Not today. I can’t get her to smile, daddy can’t get her to smile, in fact we can’t even get her to look up at the camera – her toes were far too interesting. Then, just as she looks up and flashes her (few) pearly whites, the *%&^$ dog jumps in the middle of the photo to sniff the baby. ARGH! I finally settle for a pic that at least shows her outfit - and the top of her head.

Now, after trying to host glamour shots in our foyer, I’m running late. So I run out to the car to start it. ^%*$*!!! Now I remember what that nagging feeling was last night that I needed to do something. My gas light is on. I can’t go get gas with scoots in the car in this frigid weather – I’m not leaving her in an unheated car while I pump gas. Soooo I run back in and tell her daddy that I have to take the other car and that he will be thrilled to know he is inheriting a car with the gas light on. I apologize profusely, but hubby is still pissy. Not what I need this morning.

So I get the car started, get Coco into the car, get my purse, briefcase and diaper bag in the car and turn to smooch hubby goodbye. I barely get a peck. I say “hey that was no Valentine’s kiss” and in response I get “Well I’m running late!” Ok now I am pissed. Yes I made a mistake. Yes I created a problem. But hey Mr. Living In A Glass House, does that realllly mean that your smooching time is significantly impeded? I think not.

But by God I will not let this tarnish my Valentine’s! I WILL have a good day today damnit. I will have a wonderful evening and I will enjoy myself. Whether I like it or not.


Amy said...

Sorry to giggle..........hope the day gets better as it goes!! Be sure to get pics of YOU GUYS tonight before you head KNOW I want to see!

Happy VDay!

Amy said...

Ok, I'm here to read about the HOT date last night!! So, how did things go.....did y'all have a good time? Do tell!