Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Dreaded Event

My mother-in-law came to visit this weekend (that is NOT to what the title refers). She was kind enough to watch Coco for us for us Friday evening so we could go out with a group of friends to a local comedy club and then for drinks. While in the large megalopolis of our city (sense sarcasm here) she also planned on doing some shopping.

Saturday morning as we were sitting on my couch chatting (she also happens to be in the insurance industry so its always interesting to talk with her) she mentioned she and her husband were heading to Hawaii next week on a company-sponsored trip (did I mention I miss my days in sales?). She then told me, with the sense of one being led to the executioner, what she was in town to shop for... swimwear. Oh I know that dread and pain.

I remember in high school and college - even law school really - I never understood why people would say they dreaded trying on swimsuits. Apart from trying to narrow down which one you looked cutest in, I saw no major issues. I honestly thought maybe people were just germ-phobes who didn't want to try on bits of fabric that had been way to close to strangers. Ahh naivety I hardly knew ye. Ok actually I knew ye well. Anyhoo... it reminded me that if hubby, Coco and I are going to take a warm-weather family vacation I am going to have to undergo the same torture.

The question now becomes do I pull the bandaid off now while there is still a veritable cornucopia of suits from which to choose, but endure the harsh glare of dressing room lights on "hail damage"... or do I wait until a couple more months into WWatchers and pray I can still find something adorable but avoid the "ok I'm never eating again" afternoon I may otherwise have? I just don't know yet. I'm leaning toward waiting. You know how any outfit can look cute on you if your hair and makeup are having a good day? I'm hoping that means that I could rock an "ok" suit as long as my body didn't look like I was trying to pull a spandex tarp over a mound of pebbles. Here's hopin.....

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Amy said...

Have fun.....I couldn't tell you how many years ago it's been since I shopped for a bathing suit.